I have desired to build a Hurricane Mk IIb model in 1/48 scale since I made two Hurricane Mk IIc models in the same scale. For this project, I chose the camouflage available in the box from the Polish 302 Squadron from 1941. I particularly liked the features of the early Mk II model, which distinguished this version from my previous models.

Building an early Hurricane Mk II

The early Hurricane Mk II, produced in early 1941, was factory painted in the Temperate Land Scheme (TLS) camouflage in a green and brown colour scheme. It had no ventilation slots on the sides of the hull and no bomb racks (they had to be removed according to the instructions), it she had a tailwheel from Mk I version. I enhanced the model with 3D accessories available during its pre-sale (if you are interested in such bonuses, sign up for the Newsletter, and you will receive information when we have a promotion for them) and a Yahu instrument panel. For my part of the work, I added scratch-built brake lines on the undercarriage cover and radiator flap pushers, just like in my previous 1/48 Hurricanes.

Jak sklejał się pierwszy Hurricane 1/48 z Arma Hobby?

Painting and weathering the model

I painted the model with Hataka, Gunze and MRP varnishes. I made the camouflage spots free-hand in two translucent layers. Weathering was more complicated. I started by discolouring and chipping the paint. I applied maskolAmmo over Gunze 08 primer, creating small irregular spots with a sponge and a toothpick and covering some panels. Then, I painted a semi-transparent camouflage layer and repeated this process (additional masking + painting) to obtain a greater variety of shades. Then, I emphasised selected dividing lines with Starship Filth and Black oil paint, free-hand airbrushed exhaust stains, and used Lifecolor liquid pigments.

For the first time, I tried the “speckling” technique, i.e. sprinkling dirt blown off the brush with an airbrush. I may have exaggerated a bit; what do you think? Do you have a question about how I did something? Write your opinion or ask a question in the comments at the end of this post.

Hurricane Mk IIc trop – galeria – Mark Danko

Hurricane Mk IIB 1/48 – instrukcja modelu 40007


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