The latest Airacobra P-400 model kit is an unusual but very interesting version of this fighter: an aircraft manufactured in the USA on British order, with British equipment and camouflage, requisitioned by the Americans after the attack on Pearl Harbor and sent to the area of ​​the fiercest fighting in the Pacific at that time: New Guinea and Guadalcanal jungle.

Compared to other American Airacobras, they stand out with very interesting colour schemes – they have a British two-tone camouflage – made with American equivalents of the British colours Dark Green, Dark Earth and Sky, in addition, we chose planes with shark mouths, giving them a predatory look.

Kit includes:

  • plastic parts (2 grey sprues and 1 clear sprue)
  • 3D-printed resin fuselage nose
  • canopy and wheel masks
  • decals with three markings options (USA)
  • steel balls for nose weight

Plastic sprues

The kit contains very precisely made plastic sprues: two made of grey plastic and one clear.

P-400 Airacobra – instrukcja modelu

P-39 Airacobra – cechy modelu

The clear parts are the canopy, doors, gunsight and landing light.

Airacobra P-400 – Galeria – Libor Jekl

3D-printed resin

Using 3D-printing technology, we printed in resin the upper part of the fuselage nose with gun blast tubes typical of this version.

Self-adhesive masks

Ready-made, pre-cut and self-adhesive masks made of excellent Japanese “kabuki” paper, produced by Techmod, will make the painting of the wheels and the canopy easy and precise.


The P-400 fighters that fought in the South Pacific, on Guadalcanal (the famous ‘Cactus Air Force’) and New Guinea, featured very attractive looks, wore British camouflage, and many were decorated with shark jaws. These are the schemes we included in our Airacobra P-400 model kit. Decals produced by Techmod guarantee trouble-free application and very good resolution and print quality.

The decals also contain many stencils, seatbelts and cockpit equipment elements, including very precisely reproduced instrument panel.

Cactus Air Force

Steel balls

To make the Cobra stand on the nose wheel, we included steel balls in the kit that are placed in sockets designed in the nose part of the fuselage. Everything fits perfectly.

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