Libor Jekl sent us photos of his – already second – Arma Hobby Airacobra, this time in P-400 version. Libor built his extremely good model using the “Cactus Air Force” Deluxe Set.

Libor wrote:

As this was my second Cobra build in a short time, I already knew where and at what to keep and eye, therefore the construction process was really straightforward. I appreciate the inclusion of the 3D printed items as the gun barrels which are a real improvement over the plastic parts. I like all decal options but eventually went for “Hells Bell” perhaps due to sake of nostalgia as I built the same marking on my Academy kit many many years ago. Also, I appreciate the correct name “Hells Bell” without the ‘s’ in the Bell word, unlike some decal or kit producers in the past.

Cactus Air Force Deluxe Set – Wildcat i Airacobra nad Guadalcanal – malowania z zestawu

P-39Q Airacobra – David Damek PLASMO – Galeria Wideo

P-39 Airacobra Mk.I – Galeria – Libor Jekl


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