Airacobra is the latest new kit from Arma Hobby. The model was developed to include more or less all variants from the P-39 D to Q, and the P-400 out of the box.

Model variants

The propeller in the model comes in three variants that changed lightly with the versions. So we have included a Curtiss propeller with a diameter of 10 feet and 5 inches and the exact size propeller from Aeroproduct. The kit also has a larger 11 ‘7’ ‘Aeroporoduct propeller. I did not decide to add the 4-blade propeller that appeared in the last P-39Q units.

The exhaust manifold is available in two variants, both standard for P-39 six-exhaust pipe and 12-exhaust pipe from P-400

Wing armament includes four browning .30-inch machine guns and an underwing nacelle version with .50-inch machine guns.

The front wheel comes in two versions: large and small tires.

The suspensions on the model include a 70-gallon fuel tank, and a 250-lb and 500-lb bomb. Early versions of the Airacobra did not have a suspension pylon, so this part is a separate element.

The gun barrels protruding from the propeller’s cap are available in three variants, 20 mm with the P-400 and 37 mm with the other P-39 versions (with and without a fairing).

The front of the fuselage has replaceable upper Browning muzzle covers, early and late versions.

Last, I included a radio direction finder consisting of two parts.

Model details

In addition to the parts that differentiate the versions of the plane, there are details that I would like to mention.

The main landing gear has specific details in its compartment and in covers. The main wheel has relevant details on the brake side and tiny lettering on the tires.

The tailplane have a separate rudder and aileron,  and it was possible to reproduce their correct profile. By the way, you can glue them in a tilted position.

The front undercarriage bay was a real design challenge. There is a complex construction of cockpit floor, wheel bay sides and retraction mechanism, machine gun platform with ballast balls nests, and spent cartridges channel. It took a lot of effort to fit these balls into such a small fuselage and to calculate whether it would be enough to balance the model. It was the first time I did it, and I hope my calculations are good and the model will stand on the front wheel.

The cockpit’s interior has been designed, so there is no need to use additional resin or photo-etched elements. I think it will easily match the number of details for the interior design of the P-51B / C or the Ki-84.

The last thing I will mention is two parts of the model that make me very happy because they reflect the characteristic shapes of the original. I mean the bottom of the fuselage between the wings and the air intake shape behind the pilot’s cabin. So much good for today.

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