Today, with great pleasure, I present the new model kit from Arma Hobby, the P-39Q Airacobra in a 1/72 scale. The model is after trial injections and will go on sale on September 15th. We are already accepting orders in the Arma Hobby store.

P-39 Airacobra fighter in 1/72

Airacobra is one of the very important fighter designs from the Second World War. The plane had a unique layout with the front wheel and other interesting solutions, which we will describe in subsequent articles on this website. The aircraft played a huge role at the beginning of the War on the Pacific in the New Guinea and the Solomon Islands regions; then it was delegated to pilot training in the United States. The Cobra took part in the fighting in the Mediterranean, where she remained in the Allied forces until the end of the war. A huge number of aircraft were sent to the USSR under “Lend-Lease”, where they were used on the front line until the war’s end.

The Arma Hobby model kit is the first new kit of this aircraft in wide production for over 20 years. In the box, you will find plastic parts of the model that allow you to build all combat versions of the aircraft from P-39D to P-39Q (including Airacobra Mk I and P-400). They will be available in various configurations in Arma Hobby’s offer in the following months. The kit includes painting masks for the canopy and wheels as well as metal balls to load the nose part (matching the appropriate sockets in the model).


Two pre-order model kits

The P-39Q Airacobra model kit, along with another P-51B Mustang boxing, is available for pre-order in the Arma Hobby store. As part of the presale, we offer free 3D printed accessories for both of these models. What both kits have in common is the person of their pilot, Cpt. Clarence “Bud” Anderson. On the P-39Q boxart, we see his Airacobra training in the San Francisco area in the summer of 1943. The Mustang box art shows the shooting down of a Bf-109G during the escort of bombers over Leipzig in July 1944. The pilot is one of the last living representatives of the “Grand Generation”, the generation that won World War II for the USA. Both model kits are an attempt to honour the efforts of Allied industry and pilots in that war.

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