The new Arma Hobby 1/48 Hurricane IIc kit is now not that new – it not only reached modellers’ desks and collections and covers of modelling magazines but the first stock has been sold out! There are also many reviews in the modelling Internet, both written and video ones. Did the modellers like the Arma 1/48 Hurricane? Is it any good?

Let’s read some selected reviews. So many of them have been published that we are unable to find and publish links to all of them. However, you can help us: if you know of a review that we haven’t listed here, link it in the comments! It doesn’t matter what language it is in!

Reviews in English


Andy’s Headquarters

“They make some really, really beautiful 1/72 scale airplanes, and now they have gone into the 1/48 scale and this is gorgeous!”



“A fabulously well detailed model that shows amazing attention to detail, and deserves to be the new de facto standard in this scale. Very highly recommended.”


Hyperscale – Brett Green

Hurricane Mk IIc (kit 40004)

Hurricane Mk IIc trop (kit 40005)

“This is clearly the best 1/48 scale Hurricane Mk.IIc, and I would also venture that it is the best 1/48 scale mainstream Hurricane kit of any variant.

Arma Hobby’s 1/48 scale Hurricane Mk.IIc is gorgeous kit – excellent surface textures, moulding quality, detail and inclusions.”

iModeler – Martin Waligorski

iModeler Review: Arma Hobby 1/48 Hurricane Mk. IIc

“Emotions aside, this kit provides a modern basis for a 1/48 Mk. II Hawker Hurricane – and it does so in a spectacular fashion.”

The Modelling News

“Arma Hobby has impressed quite a few modellers recently with their foray into 48th scale kits with the Hurricane the first in the line up.”


“In my opinion, the quality of this kit is quite mindblowing. Arma Hobby is a relatively new company so definitely it took a lot of effort to design such precise and complex kit. “

“Arma Hobby recently released a beautiful new Hurricane on a 1/48 scale. It was very tempting, so I put the other project aside for a while 🫡 and tried to assemble and paint it. It was fun, indeed. You can see the whole process and a short review on your own in a new video.”

Doogs Models

“The surface detail on this thing is just phenomenal. This would be stunning on 1/32 scale. This is God-level surface detail.”

“If you’re a fan of Hurricane – you have to buy this. You just have to. It’s a phenomenal kit of very important, historically relevant aircraft. If you’re not a big fan of Hurricane, you just still have to buy this kit, because it’s a phenomenal kit. This is quite possibly the best prop kit in 1/48 scale right now. It is that good.”

Medal Promotion for 1/48 models

Starting today, you can pre-order Sea Hurricane Mk IIc and other Hurricanes and PZL P.11c in 1/48 scale in the Medal Promotion with a large discount and in promotional bundles. The bigger the bundle, the bigger the discount!

Pre-ordered kits will be shipped from March 15.

Jenesis Designs and Modelcraft

Quick look review

Build video – part I


Build video – part II

Painting and finishing

Peter Oxley

“I thought it’s very reasonable now to have a little glass of red wine.”

“9,5 out of 10 – well deserved. One of the best kits of the year.”


Gary’s Stuff

Review inbox

“There it is! I think it was well worth the wait. This is a top-notch kit. This kit just seems another step up in quality.”

Build review:


Model Nerd

Build review



“The new Hurricane clearly shows that Arma Hobby hasn’t yet said its last word about the quality of its models. Improvements over the earlier 1:48 kit (PZL P.11c) can be clearly seen – not only in terms of the details covered, but also in the overall quality of the mouldings.”


Key Modelworld

Mike Williams’ review

Ayhan Toplu

Model Gallery


Mark Danko

“I think that this Hurricane is by far the best and most detailed ever produced in any scale. The interior is highly detailed, but engineered to fit together quite easily. The fit of the fuselage to the wings was the best that I have ever come across. The kit was a pleasure to build which is great for the hobbyist.”

Model Gallery


Roland Sachsenhofer

Build model Gallery


Flory Models


Fine Scale Modeller

“This is a thing of beauty”

“the wings have subtle, very subtle rivets”

The Model Guy

Detail Scale View

“It is actually a great display of what can be achieved with modern design and molding technologies. I definitely recommend to check Arma Hobby kit if you would like to build your own British fighter.”

Review with photos:

High Altitude Scale Modeling

“With the great detail that Arma does in 1/72 scale the hope is that in 1/48 scale they can be just as detailed and nice to build. Looking at this plastic, they do not disappoint!”

Vini Pompeo Modeller

“This is something incredible! I’m anxious to build this! This kind of details inspires me to build this model”

The Scale Modelling Cafe with Jamie Haggo

Part 1: Introduction


“The detail screamed out of the screen and everyone got extremely excited!”

Part 2: Cockpit and wings

Part 3: Construction

Other languages – Slovakia – Ján Moravčík

“Záverečné zhrnutie: Model Hurricane Mk Ic od firmy Arma Hobby patrí medzi to najlepšie, čo som v tejto kategórii za posledné roky videl. Vrelo odporúčam!”

(“Final Summary: Arma Hobby’s Hurricane Mk Ic model is one of the best I’ve seen in this category in years. I highly recommend!”)

Written review (in Slovak) with photos:

Video, no comment

Plastic modeling – Czech You Tube channel

Arma Hobby vs. Italeri 1/48 Hurricane Mk IIc comparison LIVE streaming. Special guest: Milan Nes.

Comparison result: “Jasny verdikt: Arma!” (“Clear verdict: Arma!”)


MaketarPlus Serbia

“Sklapanje je u toku i slobodno mogu da kažem da ne očekujem bilo kakve turbulencije do kraja rada na ovoj odličnoj maketi koju od srca preporučujem svakom ljubitelju ovog čuvenog aviona.”

(“The assembly is in progress and I can safely say that I do not expect any turbulence until the end of the work on this excellent model that I wholeheartedly recommend it to every fan of this famous plane.”)

Medal Promotion for 1/48 models

Starting today, you can pre-order Sea Hurricane Mk IIc and other Hurricanes and PZL P.11c in 1/48 scale in the Medal Promotion with a large discount and in promotional bundles. The bigger the bundle, the bigger the discount!

Pre-ordered kits will be shipped from March 15.

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