The promotional preorder of the new 1/48 Hurricane IIB model kit is almost finished. This kit, in the excellent quality of the Arma Hobby Hurricane IIC appreciated by modellers and reviewers, is a new version of the legendary British fighter. This is undoubtedly the best Hurricane IIB on the market, and it is not a difficult model to build.


Three Hurricanes MK IIB

Thanks to its more powerful engine, the Hurricane Mk IIB was an extremely versatile aircraft: a day and night fighter, as well as a bomber. This allowed us to include a wide variety of camouflages and markings in the kit. Thanks to excellent, proven decals from the Polish company Techmod, they can be made at the highest level.


Techmod decals

High-quality decals from the Polish company Techmod allow you to make one of three available aircraft. The colours of the markings are faithfully matched to the historic paints used by the RAF. The precisely printed instrument panel, combined with the plastic panel in the kit, allows this part to be reproduced to the satisfaction of even the most demanding modeller.

Canadian Hurribomber

The box art painting is the legendary “Hurribomber” – a fighter-bomber – from the No. 402 Canadian Squadron operating in Great Britain. After the end of the Battle of Britain, some Hurricane squadrons were trained for bombing, and this is the plane we offer in the kit. It is an aeroplane decorated with a beautiful “Butch the Falcon” emblem, in the grey and green “Day Fighter” camouflage typical of the later period of the war. Canadian Hurribombers attacked German airfields in France, ammunition depots, ports and ships.

British Night Hurricane

The second camo is a classy black night fighter from the British No. 253 Squadron. In the winter of 1941/42 it defended the industrial region of Midlands against German air raids. Black Hurricanes with the code letters SW then worked with Boston-Havoc “Turbinlite” twin-engine planes equipped with radar and a special searchlight. Their tactic was for the twin-engine Havoc to detect and illuminate the German so that a pair of cooperating Hurricanes could finish him off with their guns or cannons. In practice, it worked only moderately, but until the introduction of effective radars installed on night Beaufighters and Mosquitos, there were no better tactics for fighter operations at night.

Polish Fighter

The third marking is an early Hurricane IIB in a purely day fighter version, from the elite Polish No. 302 “Poznański” Squadron. It wears the brown and green “Temperate Land Scheme” camouflage typical of the initial period of the war. After the hardships of the Battle of Britain, in the spring of 1941, “Three O Two” received a more powerful Mk II aircraft in exchange for its worn Hurricane Mk I and used them until the autumn, when it was re-equipped with Spitfires. Z3675, produced by Hawker in June 1941, is one of the last Hurricanes of this squadron.

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