In the premiere gallery of Hayate we showed models assembled by the owners of Arma Hobby, and now: the first gallery of Hayate built outside the company – by Rafał “Rafhart” Książek – in undoubtedly the most difficult of the camouflages included in the kit: “green giraffe.”

Rafał Książek “Rafhart” wrote:

This kit is great, for sure the best I have built this year. What I was able to get out of it can be seen in the gallery. It was a test build in many aspects: a new airbrush, the Sp-20x for the first time, and a new “green giraffe” camouflage painting method involving scraping off fresh paint – shown in the attached video. Unfortunately, I did not expect that the paint dries so quickly, I managed to scrape on the wings and on the fuselage I had to use a Molotov marker. It was also the first time I used Mr.Hobby’s “silver” lacquer, and Wamod’s decal liquid ate some of my paint. But I had a lot of fun, big applause, I hope Arma will produce more such kits.

Ki-84 Hayate inbox review on Rafał’s Youtube channel:

Rafał’s method of the “green giraffe” camouflage painting on his Youtube channel:

Arma Hobby Hayate complete build on Rafał’s Youtube channel:

Rafał Książek “Rafhart” blog:

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