FM-2 Wildcat from the Expert Set landed on the workbench of Krzysztof Kowalik. The model looks great after a slight upgrade. View photos and feel free to ask a question or share a comment!

“The FM2 Wildcat model was made straight out of the box from the Expert Set. For the sake of detail – although it is often debatable on this scale, I decided to rivet it. I chose the most attractive US camouflage- three-color. It turned to four color, when I noted another shade on the leading edge of the wings. Painted with paints from the Vallejo Air palette. Weathering made with pigments, oils and acrylic colour pencils. “


Joseph D. McGraw i USS Gambier Bay przeciw Yamato

FM-2 Wildcat Expert Set – Gallery – Jeremy Moore

FM-2 Wildcat – Galeria – Artur Rzepka

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FM-2 Wildcat Expert Set – Galeria – Adam Dobranowski

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