At the end of May 2022, the IPMS Świdnica Modelling Club received a gift from Arma Hobby in the form of the Ki-84 Hayate and P-51B/C Mustang kits. It was an incredible honour for our group and we decided to organize a “challenge” – group build. We chose to model a fighter from the Japanese company Nakajima.


Finally, the following guys took part in the challenge: Marcin Matejko, Jacek Miśkiewicz, Krzysiek Bytniewski, Mateusz Zapotoczny and Dominik Sędziak.

Marcin and Mateusz decided to build models in a natural metal colour, Krzysiek – a plane with green spots, and Jacek and Dominik – planes in two different shades of green.

Ki-84 Hayate – recenzja z japońskiego magazynu „Scale Aviation”

Work started in June 2022 and ended in spring 2023, when five Hayate models stood on a beautiful base designed by Marcin.

The project itself was an interesting challenge and we hope that soon we will be able to organize a team for another group build again.

Krzysiek Bytniewski’s model

Hayate spod znaku białego tygrysa

Marcin Matejko’s model

Modelarski maraton „Fluffy Cat 2023”

Jacek Miśkiewicz’s model

Dominik Sędziak’s model

Ki-84 „Biała 46” – Echo Minionych Dni

Mateusz Zapotoczny’s model

„Czerwone 29” porucznika Takaty

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Ki-84 Hayate – Galeria – Jumpei Temma

Model Ki-84 – omówienie detali

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