For several years, the annual “Fluffy Cat” modelling marathon has been organised in Hungary – the participants of which go to a cottage far from civilisation to build the same model kits together. And have fun doing it. This year, the team chose the Ki-84 Hayate Arma Hobby, and decided to share the report written by János Dobó with us. Thank you very much! It’s great to be able to watch how fun modelling can be together with friends!

Read János’ report from “Fluffy Cat 2023”:

Fluffy Cat 2023 – János Dobó report

Oh boy, we already had 5 of these things. I swear, I didn’t think that when Buco and I started figuring this all out. The Fluffy Cat comes from Eduard’s Iron Bunny idea. But we are not that „ironish” … so we are Fluffy. Easy and chill that is our words.

Out of the five occasions, I missed two due to some social problems, but by now I had enough mental strength to really, really look forward to the meeting.

This year – Hayate

As usual, we also voted for the model, which was the Arma Hobby 1/72 Ki-84. Again this year, Modellfutár gave us a good price for the models, for which we are very grateful.

However, to my greatest surprise, Arma Hobby also entered the event. After an exchange of letters – in which I contacted them about South-East Fluffy Cat – they offered to send 3D printed resin accessories to the Hayate sets we bought. Totally free. We also like to thank you for that offer. Dziękuję bardzo Grzegorz!

Let’s go!

This year I made the journey there myself. It was a very pleasant car ride between Szeged and Gunaras. No rush, no nerves, good music, good weather, gliding softly in my trusty Skoda, in perfect chill. Except after Baja, because there the roads are still as if we went to the moon.

A quick visit to my friend Csaba in Siklós, some exchange of knowledge and models, then we head to the base. Also, before that, I popped into the local blue-striped store for some supplies. The fact that you managed to run into one of the Cats in the drinks department says it all, doesn’t it? Of course, it’s a shame and such, but believe me, he almost only bought soft drinks. Seriously. Well, I didn’t.

Unfortunately, the weekend was quite marred by rain. It started raining when I got to Gunaras, and it rained continuously except for a few hours on Saturday. In addition, the temperature was also quite grumpy, so the biggest advantage of the Gunaras cottages, namely that you can shout banter to your buddies in the neighbouring terrace, was not quite possible (altough many tried, making us the usual nuisance). Huddled in the cottages, it was only possible to carry on casual exchanges with those who were with us.


Of course, no one really liked this, so there was a real migration of people during the Fluffy Cat. The residents of each cottage moved to the four, the residents of the four went to the two, the residents of the two went to the three, the residents of the three went everywhere. Of course not at the same time. So, as it happens at times like this, there was always something going on.

We constantly exchanged information and who brought what with them. I mean, I love rum from here on out.

Thursday’s “day zero” was about world redemption. It was redempted. You are all welcome. Say nomore about it.

To work!

A few words about the set. When choosing a kit, we consider how easily it is available and how easy it is to build.

Arma Hobby kits are simply beautiful. They do not consist of many parts (usually one – maximum two frames) and are easy to build. I’ve been loving them lately. However, I would like to state that I had no say in the selection.

I made this photo at 06:30 Saturday. The building was started at Friday 12:00.

I’ve already built a kit, and I must say it’s lovely.

However, you have to be very careful. It fits well by default, which is why – like all well-fitting sets – the curse of this is that after you paint the inside, even the minimal thickness of the airbrushed paint can ruin your fit! Lots of dry tests can help with this, and intermittent glueing makes our job easier.


Then there is the case where one blunders and stomps on the model. It happened that when I got up from the table, I swept one of the fuselage halves with the sleeve of my shirt and all I heard was CRACK… That’s when all my chances of finishing the build on time disappeared. Then, when one day after sanding and sealing, I could not take it no more and just stopped. I sad, it’s okay, let me get to the priming phase and I’ll be fine.

After all, it was possible to level the modell – not – after a day’s work. Fortunately, the body was not visibly broken, but it was indeed visibly deformed. With some force, and with a sufficient amount of instant glue, I got to the point where the body was done, without major discontinuities. But the entire model was affected by the deformation of the fuselage. The otherwise well-fitting model has sunk to the level of an old Italeri or Revell kit. Well Done, Great Job.

The Coup de grâce was delivered on Sunday morning when one of the Cats said „Jani, I think I found your canopy…” after strolling along the floor of the cabin, which I had irresponsibly stored.

Although it was possible to fix the clear part with the Colle21 Felx21 instant adhesive – which did not fog the canopy – the roof ended up being pretty shaky. Good. I was really furious then. And we all know being mad isn’t good for modelling skills.

The others reached the painting phase relatively easily. As I watched, everyone was shoving off a little, just to be special.


Not only model kits

Of course, in addition to modeling, we also fulfilled our social obligations. Stories were flying, the pálinka and hot pot meals – for which a huge thank you to Norbi – ran out. Heavy bantering was also normal. After all, to quote a classic: „Janika, this is not a little girls’ club”.

And maybe this part is more important than the modelling itself. I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it more. The model is just an alibi to spend quality time with people suffering from similar mental illnesses. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a huge model competition or the Fluffy Cat.

After all, real friendships have been formed over the years, sometimes they are deeper, sometimes in a less profound form. Established small groups work together, but as I described above about the walking part, everyone is somehow connected to the other a little bit. Or very much.


Here, it doesn’t matter where you come from, what kind of shirt you wear, or what and how you build. The model builder with a master’s degree can fit together with my kind of cobbler.

Everyone paints – as he likes!

The painting phase wasn’t easy for some, but the models were relatively complete. Another thing to pay attention to with Arma Hobby kits are the decals. They are nice and good, but not entirely easy to work with during a timed event. The are stubborn, a little thick, and require a lot of work and attention. All known decaling solutions and trick must be used here. Of course, the Japanese insignia is relatively easy to airbrush, and some of the guys did it that way. Frankly, if we had the right amount of time, the stickers wouldn’t have been a problem really.


The reason I still love this bunch is that they are crazy enough to build and paint a unique machine. This has been typical in every Fluffy Cat. Usually, at least half the guys trying to build something unique and interesting from the kit provided.

And that’s okay! I’m a fan of the fact that the Little Cats are always up to something mischievous. Because I also think that model making is a hobby in which there is room for both perfect historical fidelity and a completely creative process. Neither is inferior to the other.

Let’s look at the works in this light.

Models gallery

The first is mine. Shame


Csaba brought a nice, authentic hangar with him


Peter “The 87” painted the name of the pilot’s love, and few cherry blossoms


Szilárd made a special camo


Buco get his standard. Perfect


In Kornel’s opinion, the Czech Republic get this plane, and they made an agricultural sprayer


This is the second paint of Gabor. The first was removed


Kalman stuck a little bit with the decals


Tamas made it well. The next picture is the idea. He painted the canvas for background too


Joe, painted a figure too


Richard’s plane force-landed the side of the Fuji-yama. Yes, he made the terrain in the event


My favourite is Laszlo’s Ork-fughter


I had a really hard time getting myself to go out with people again, but the therapy worked. We managed to have great conversations. I just enjoyed being there with them.

Thank you for being there again. I look forward to the next one.

I would like to thank the Modellfutár – Balázs Lakatos, who provided us with the model at a good price.

To Arma Hobby for the excellent 3d printed accessories.

To Norbi for the consumables, both liquid and solid.

And to everyone who still believes in me.

János Dobó
English translation by Peter “The 87” Kovacs.


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