Wojtek Figurski has converted  P.7afrom Arma Hobby to PZL P.11a version. First version of famous “P-eleven” was quite different airframe compared to P.11c. “P-seven” fiselage was fitted with P.11c engine. Wojtek’s conversion came excellent. See photos and share your coments.

When building PZL P.7a kit I’ve realized that it woyld be an excellent base for conversion and with a small amount of  work it would be converted  PZL P.11a or P.11b. I took P.11a.

Here is a list of changed details:

  • widening od rudder
  • change of wingtip contour
  • thinning wing at fuselage
  • change of fuselage crosssection and adding side windows before cockpit. For wingdows HUMBROL „CLERAFIX” was used
  • adding fuselage reinforcement stripes
  • adding spare chutes catch box and gun camera

P.11a z Arma Hobby

After completing the work carried out in parallel with the construction of P.7a, it remained patiently to wait for the announced PZL P.11c, from which I decided to transplant the whole power unit along with the front part of the hull. I have limited the adaptation of the drive unit to reducing the diameter of the propeller and adding an indentation in the upper part of the motor cover ring. A few more PART photo etch have been added to the whole, such as a fuel tank and a details in the cockpit.

Skrzydło P.11a z Arma Hobby

There is only something left that in my case always has the biggest problem, i.e. choosing painting. I took a machine known from several pre-war photographs and belonging to the 112 Squadron. Painting was done with HUMBROL 127 and TAMIYA XF64. Decals is one of the P.11c TECHMOD sets. After the cracks dried, I lightly blended the plates, I scraped off with a silver pencil and tapped at the collectors with an airbrush. Finally, the whole was spattered lightly with SIDOLUX for a satin surface.

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