Tomorrow we are starting delivery of Hurricane Mk IIc Expert Set plastic kits. It is an excellent time to review the model project. Let’s see how our new plastic bird was born and what improvements compared to Mk I, we made.

Plastic parts

Hurricane Mk IIc design based on the previous Mk I kits with some experience from the latest Yak-1b kit project. The new version differs from the previous one in the engine section, wings and armament and some other details. First improved was the cockpit. It was designed with a smaller number of parts but similar to Mk I kit level of details. Also, the undercarriage bay was improved in two ways. First, rivets were added to its roof. In the previous kit, it was rendered with a photoetched part in Expert Set only. Also, wheel legs were modified to allow their easy assembly after painting the whole kit. The radiator is moulded in two parts to reduce sinkholes. Propeller blades are moulded as one piece to make assembly easier. In Mk I, we had to mould blades separately because of the variety of variants used on the real aeroplane.


After success with Yak-1b riveting; many dzus fittings, raised and recessed rivets were added in hurricane Mk IIc. Panel lines are thinner than in Mk I.

Colour schemes

There are four markings/camouflage variants available out of the box. We chose them to have included almost all national markings and stencils used during aeroplane service. Roundels type A and A1, B, C and C1 as well as two types of fin flash. It would help modellers looking for some other markings; so only generic codes and numbers (insignias) would be needed.

Also, We have chosen four different camouflages. First aeroplane/two camouflage variants are from book “Polish Fighter Colours”, but it is known elsewhere. It is LK-A/BE500 with two successive colour schemes: Night Black and Night Intruder. Also, the aeroplane was flown in combat by Polish fighter Henry Trybulec.


For third colour variant we were looking for Temperate Land Scheme camouflage but unfortunately could not find reliable sources.  The Hurricane Mk IIc version was introduced to production short time before camouflage change to Day Fighter Scheme. Chosen aeroplane, unfortunately, is our mistake. We did not notice it had Mk I type tailwheel. But it is mounted in Mk II type cut out in underbelly tailplane fin. It is unclear if it was field modification or factory-installed, but it is visible on the photo. Hopefully, modellers would correct it quite easy according to the drawing below. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Tailwheel and  JX-W Hurricane. Please compare tailwheel and its cutout in fuselage belly fin on photo and on drawing on the right..

The fourth scheme is a tropical version from  “Operation Torch” suggested by Tony O’Toole. She has an exciting camouflage of Dark Green and Dark Earth upper surfaces and Sky Blue undersurfaces.

Hurricane Mk.IIc – a Jack of all trades

The „Fighting Cocks” – Hurricanes IIc over Algeria


Hurricane Mk IIc sales

Expert Set delivery will start tomorrow, so you can place preorder today and receive kits first before distributors received. Orders placed tomorrow would need to wait a few days until we send shop orders.

This time we did not offer plastic parts, so-called “overtrees”. Time for Christmas sale is short, and we would not be able to service two types of kits at the same time. Plastic parts would be available next year.

Next model from Arma Hobby, new tool new type will be announced at the end of December, so please stay tuned.

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