Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate was produced in two basic versions, Ko and Otsu, differing externally only in minor details. This allowed Maciek “Wrona” Wroński to design a model kit with lots of fine details, allowing for easy build of both versions “out of the box”, with a relatively little complication of the plastic sprues.

The kit includes:

  • Abundantly detailed cockpit
  • Two alternative fuselage top parts that allow the cockpit canopy to be made in closed and open positions – it also allowed obtaining fine details in front of the windscreen
  • Fully reproduced detailed double star engine with photo-etched wiring
  • The air intake above the engine with proper depth
  • Exhaust pipes made as separate, three-dimensional parts
  • Two alternative oil coolers: smaller (early) for early Ko version planes and larger (late) for later Ko and all Otsu aeroplanes.
  • Carefully rendered propeller (bonus: the propeller is spinning!) 😊
  • Full 3D wheel wells with depth and fine detail, detailed landing gear covers
  • Fine tail wheel with detailed covers
  • Finely reproduced fabric-covered aileron, elevator, and rudder surfaces
  • Armament – minor differences between the versions in the openings on the fuselage sides – location for drilling the alternative opening is marked on the inner side of the fuselage part
  • Three most important variants of the underwing ordnance – two fuel tanks, two small 100 kg bombs, one large 250 kg bomb with a tank under the other wing (also for the kamikaze version) – on finely detailed, separate racks.

Nowy model Arma Hobby – Ki-84 Hayate

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