Our next Hurricane in 1/48 scale is a kit that allows you to build one of three Hurricane Mk IIBs adapted to fly and fight in extreme climates. Although this version is officially called “Trop” – from “tropical” – it is adapted to all kinds of difficult conditions, including the Arctic.  From the Western Desert “Hurribomber” – presented on a beautiful boxart by Piotr Forkasiewicz – through a veteran of the fights against the Japanese “Zeros” in defence of the naval base in Ceylon, to a fighter operating in the Far North – in the Russian Arctic!

The kit includes some of the sprues common with our Hurricane IIC, which has been collecting enthusiastic reviews on forums, modelling magazines and social media since its premiere in June 2023. A completely new thing is the type-B wing, armed with 12 machine guns. When designing it, we used the experience from working on the C-type, and it turned out even finer!

The kit is packed in a stout cardboard tray inserted into a colourful box, standard for Arma Hobby models.

The model kit includes:

  • three grey plastic sprues
  • clear plastic sprue
  • decal sheet (3 schemes: Western Desert, Ceylon and Arctic)
  • self-adhesive pre-cut masks made of Japanese “Kabuki” paper
  • instructions

Plastic sprues

Sprue A

Sprue A contains parts common to all Hurricane versions, from Mk I, through various Mk II variants, to specialized naval or anti-tank versions – which, thanks to this division of parts, can be designed relatively easily in the future. Particular attention is paid to the precisely reproduced details of the cockpit interior, the undercarriage and its wells.

Sprue B

Sprue B contains parts for various variants of the Hurricane Mk II version – a fuselage longer than in the Mk I, a larger radiator, a Rotol propeller with two spinners to choose from, a late version of the tail wheel, ordnance: bombs, fuel tanks… This sprue also contains a dust filter, so characteristic for this, tropical version. See how finely the texture of various surfaces is reproduced.

Parts 28 and 29 are the dust filter cover used in the Trop version in all extreme theatres of operation, from the Arctic to the Western Desert and the jungles of the Far East. It protected the carburettor’s air intake against dust and sand.


Sprue C

Sprue C is what distinguishes the Hurricane Mk IIB from other “Mark II” – a type B wing, armed with 12 machine guns and equipped with installations enabling the use of bombs and auxiliary fuel tanks. What attracts attention are the fine, recessed panel lines and the various, consistent with the original, reproduction of rivets: recessed and raised – mushroom type, as well as screws and Dzus fasteners. In the unanimous opinion of modellers and reviewers, the B wing turned out even finer than the C wing – which is not surprising, because when designing it, Marcin Ciepierski used the experience of working on the C wing.

Marcin Ciepierski additionally designed “plugs” for the wheel wells, making it easier to paint these very precisely and richly detailed areas of the model. They are reusable and can also be used in the Hurricane IIC model.

More photos and information about the B wing of our Hurricane can be found in a separate article:

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Clear sprue

The clear sprue allows the canopy to be assembled in a closed or opened position. Additionally, it includes lights, a mirror and a transparent part of the gunsight.

Transparent, three-dimensional, very glossy parts are difficult to photograph. To make it easier to make sure of the transparency of our canopy, we also took a photo of it against the kit instructions.

Decals and masks

Decals and masks – as usual – are produced by Techmod. This guarantees the highest quality and precision of printing. The set includes decals for three different RAF markings from three extreme climates:  Western Desert, Ceylon and Russian Arctic!


Pre-cut and self-adhesive masks made of excellent Japanese “kabuki” paper will facilitate efficient and precise painting of wheels and canopy.

Kit camouflages and marking schemes

Sands of Sahara…


  • Hurricane Mk IIb trop „Hurribomber”, HL795/V, No. 274 Squadron RAF, Sidi Haneish (Egypt) and Sidi-Bu Amud (Libya), November 1942

The 274th is one of the core squadrons of the legendary Western Desert Air Force, fighting against the Italians and then the Afrika Korps since 1940. The Hurrybomber presented here bombed Rommel’s troops during the Battle of El-Alamein, and then further and further west, moving to subsequent airfields occupied during the pursuit of the fleeing Germans.

…Ceylon’s “Pearl Harbor”…

  • Hurricane Mk IIb trop BG967/A, No. 261 Squadron RAF, China Bay airfield, Triconmalee, Ceylon 1942

Delivered to Ceylon aboard the aircraft carrier HMS Indomitable, Hurricanes from this squadron took part in a dramatic fight against the Japanese, who attacked Ceylon on April 9 during the raid of Vice Admiral Nagumo’s powerful aircraft carrier task force into the Indian Ocean.

…and Arctic convoys.

  • Hurricane Mk IIb trop Z4017/FU-56. No. 81 Squadron RAF, Flight B. Operation „Benedict”. Vaenga, USSR, September-October 1941

RAF Hurricanes from this squadron defended the Arctic Russian port of Murmansk, where aid convoys for the Red Army arrived at the most critical moments of the fighting on the Eastern Front.

Kit instructions

The kit comes with detailed, multi-coloured assembly and painting instructions.

The whole instructions is shown in separate article:

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