Over the last year, we have devoted a lot of work and attention to Hurricanes in 1/48 scale. The very successful 1/48 Hurricane Mk IIc kit, and later the Mk IIb kit, as well as the tropical and Sea variants (currently available for pre-order) were a great market success and were greatly appreciated by both modellers and the most demanding reviewers. So much so that our 1/48 Hurricane was announced “Model of the Year 2024”!

However, we do not forget about the 1/72 scale. In March we are launching a double Deluxe Set with our best Hurricane Mk IIb/c in a royal scale – in Eastern Front versions, with a large set of 3D printed details and seven very attractive markings (British, Soviet and… bonus!).

Hurricanes of the Eastern Front

British Hurricanes of the No. 151 RAF Wing on the Vaenga airfield. They were defending Murmansk harbor to which US and British convoys with aid for USSR were heading.

Hurricane is a fighter from the early stage of the war, which gained its greatest fame in the Battle of Britain. Its subsequent versions were “workhorses” on almost all fronts, as day and night fighters, attack planes, bombers and naval planes. About 3,000 Hurricanes Mk II were sent to the USSR under Lend-Lease, where – due to the passage of time – they were no longer equal opponents for later Messerschmitts or Focke-Wulfs, but in the version with cannons they were great at shooting down German bombers and, compared to Soviet machines, they were more reliable and had functional radios! The Soviets also equipped the machine gun armed Mk IIb version with 20 mm ShVAK cannons and the heaviest 12.7 mm UB machine guns, and even RS-82 rockets!

Soviet Hurricane Mk II with USSR modified armament: ShVAK cannons, UB machine guns and RS-82 rocket missiles

Excellent Hurricane Mk II sprues

The basis of the set are very good Arma Hobby Hurricane Mk IIb/c sprues – perfectly detailed and extremely easy to assemble. When designing them, Marcin Ciepierski used the experience gained with earlier kits. First of all, it was based on the Hurricane Mk I kit – which is very similar and also very good, but in Mk II we managed to simplify assembly, without compromising on detailing! In improving the quality of small details also helped the experience of working on Yak 1b – in which Marcin decided to use more filigree panel lines and some smaller parts – which was a complete success.

Hurricane Mk IIb/c Expert Set – Recenzja – Brett Green na Hyperscale

3D-printed resin accessories

The Deluxe Set presented now includes two full sets of plastic sprues allowing you to build two Hurricanes Mk IIa, Mk IIb or Mk IIc, supplemented with a large set of resin 3D prints. Some of them replace – on the principle of “Plug-and-Play by Designer” – plastic parts where injection technology makes it impossible to achieve the ideal: barrels, seatbelts, exhaust tubes and “little things” for the cockpit. Their use is very simple. The remaining prints are partss allowing for conversion: equipping the British Hurricane Mk IIb with Soviet armament: 20 mm ShVAK cannon and 12.7 mm UB guns.

Option: rocket missiles for self-printing

For all modelers who have the possibility of 3D printing in photosensitive resin, we have an additional offer: a file with RS-82 rockets for self-printing, which can be purchased at the Armahobby.pl store for a very good price! Such missiles were often suspended under the wings of Soviet Hurricanes (but also many other types of aircraft)!

See more about S-82 rocket missiles for self-printing at the Armahobby.com website!

Camouflages and decals

Deluxe sets – as always – include a large sheet of decals allowing you to choose from 7 very interesting camouflage and marking schemes (British with Vaenga and Soviet) and an additional bonus – serials for the Finnish HC-465 fighter (requires the use of generic Finnish blue swastikas, which did not fit on the decal sheet).

You can see the colour profiles of individual aircraft and more details about this model kit on its page in the Armahobby.com store!

The Hurricane Mk IIa/b/c 1/72 Eastern Front Deluxe Set 70045 model kit is currently available for promotional pre-order at a very good price separately and in promotional bundles with other planes from the Eastern Front. The bigger the bundle, the bigger the discount!

Don’t be late, the promotional pre-order only lasts a few days!

Recenzje modelu Hurricane Mk IIc z Arma Hobby

Hurricane IIc Expert Set – Galeria – Marcin Ciepierski

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