Here are photos of production sprues of Wildcat model. The first version of the model (and last version of the aeroplane) will be available shortly. It is the first kit with more than one grey plastic sprue. Let’s take a look and FM-2 version parts and Wildcat common parts!

FM-2 Sprues

FM-2 Sprue contains version fuselage, engine and wings. Set also includes HVAR rockets used on the last series of production FM-2.

Wildcat common sprues

Sprue includes interior details, undercarriage, fuel tanks and stabiliser. The plastic frame will be used for F4F-4 version in next year.

Clear Parts

Clear parts also include fuselage bottom windows for F4F-4 version.

We have probably overdone a little with Wildcat’s preparations. We decided to use the epidemic time (suspension of international shipments of Poczta Polska) to further refine the model. We wanted to add too much! Fortunately, you won’t have to wait long to start selling, probably only until the last week of April.

 In the coming days we will show the contents of the box in several articles, so stay tuned.

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