At the end of the year, the Arma Hobby and Friends Team set themselves a challenge: to build the Arma’s Hurricanes. Quickly, efficiently, just for fun. Here are the results: four models, Wojtek Bułhak’s, Marcin Ciepierski’s, Zbyszek Malicki’s and Maciek Noszczak’s. Fifth still not ready: Grzegorz tried as usual, but family life and other passions made it difficult for him to complete his Sea Hurricane.

We invite you to the Gallery!

Hurricane Mk.IIc WC-D

…from Polish No. 309 Squadron by Wojtek Bułhak:

Hurricane Mk.IIb from Malta

… with external machine-guns removed and two bombs – built by Marcin Ciepierski:

Marcin added the stand – Malta airfield diorama with his own designed and 3D printed “flimsy” fuel cans.

Reconnaissance Hurricane PR Mk.IIb

…used by 3 PRU in India – built by Zbyszek Malicki – using the CMK resin conversion kit:

Hurricane Mk.IIc WC-G

…from Polish No. 309 Squadron – built by Maciek Noszczak:

Sea Hurricane Ib

…in progress, using the Arma Hobby test-run 3D prints – by Grzegorz Mazurowski – to be continued!


We invite you to post photos of your built Arma Hobby Hurricanes in comments below!

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