FM-2 Wildcat Expert Set includes plastic parts with a selection of the most needed accessories. Details in photo-etched brass to “spice-up” model built simple way plus canopy and wheel masks for easy painting complete in this kit. So let’s see photos and share your thoughts!

It seems to be a nice forty-eight  kit moulded in seventy-two, Maciej Złotkowski, Facebook

FM-2 Photo-etched parts

Photoetched fret includes cockpit details (with instrument panel), a few levers, pilot’s seat details (including seatbelts), engine details (more than ignition wires) and undercarriage bay details. When designing kit we tried to make as much as possible details in plastic parts so that photoetched parts would be just a cherry on the cake.

FM-2 Wildcat – części produkcyjne

Masks for Wildcat

Masks will help you painting canopy and wheels of the kit. Thay are pre-cut from Japanese masking paper so-called “kabuki”.

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