The new 1/72 scale Airacobra is ready. Today we start shipping the model kits. It also means the end of the promotional preorders with 3D printed details.

Let’s check what’s inside the box…


The first set of Airacobra is also the first Arma Hobby model kit in a “new style” – with very convenient self-adhesive “kabuki” masks and decals for five marking schemes; it also includes steel balls to balance the model so that it stands on the front wheel. The included markings are for this fighter’s latest, most produced version, the P-39Q. Cobra Q was used by the air forces of many countries; we chose three American, one Italian and one Polish scheme for this kit.

P-39Q Airacobra – malowania z zestawu

Pierwsze produkcyjne wypraski modelu P-39Q Airacobra

Kalkomanie i Maski do Nowego Modelu P-39Q Airacobra w Skali 1/72

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P-39 Airacobra – cechy modelu

P-39Q Airacobra w skali 1/72 – Instrukcja Modelu

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