The brand new Arma Hobby 1/48 Airacobra is already being injected so that the kits’ packaging and shipping can begin this week!

So let’s take the opportunity to look at this kit’s design.

About the project

The new Airacobra in 1/48 scale was designed based on experience from the development of both the 1/72 Airacobra and the 1/48 Hurricane. We made sure that the model kit was accurate and contained a lot of details, but above all, that it was user-friendly for the modeller and that it assembled together well. We want building Arma Hobby model kits not to be a struggle, but a pleasure, so that after finishing one you will immediately want to start the next one!

We included exactly as many parts as we considered necessary in the Airacobra 1/48 model. We didn’t want to simplify or complicate anything too much. We considered it for a long time, we also took into account the experience with our 1/72 Airacobra kit. We wanted it to be possible to easily build all the most important versions of this aircraft from out-of-the-box, which is not so easy, because although at first glance all Cobras are very similar, they differ in many small details. At the same time, we did not want to endlessly increase the number of alternative parts, which is related to the size of the mouldings and the price of the kit.

Let’s take a look at what we ended up with.

The propellers

The largest alternative elements in Airacobra are the propellers and they take up the most space on the sprues. We decided to include three most important propellers in the kit, a Curtiss propeller and two sizes of Aeroproduct propellers. We decided to give up the four-blade propeller – it would take up too much space, and there are quite few markings for planes with four-blade propellers.

The noses

While we placed two alternative fuselage noses in the 1/72 kit sprues and 3D printed the third variant for the P-400 version from resin, the 1/48 scale sprues already have three plastic noses.

The armament

The most diverse is the armament. This is partly visible in the alternative noses, but the Airacobra’s weapon, for which it was famous, was a “sting” that fired through the propeller shaft: a 37 mm cannon in standard versions and a 20 mm cannon mounted on British order, which was also equipped with the P-400 Cobras used by US aviation. The sprues include a 37 mm gun barrel with and without a blast tube, and a 20 mm barrel.

The wing armament also differed depending on the Airacobra version. The kit includes both pods with .50 guns and twin smaller-calibre guns in the wings.

As an alternative to the fuel tank, the Airacobra can be armed with a bomb.


The wheels

The kit includes front wheels with smaller and larger hubs typical of different versions of Airacobra. An additional variant with the cover removed can be purchased as a file for self-3D printing.

P-39Q Airacobra w skali 1/48 – Instrukcja modelu

The exhaust tubes

We included two variants of exhaust tubes in the kit, with 6 and 12 tubes on each side. These are the basic versions, British aviation enthusiasts can also buy the “fishtail” variant in files for self-printing in 3D resin. The 3D file also includes other tubes of higher quality, which are impossible to obtain using injection plastic technology.

The armour

We equipped our 1/48 scale Airacobra with two variants of armour behind the pilot’s head. It is an armoured glass (transparent element) and steel armour. Another attractive detail is the armored glass in front of the pilot’s face, made as a separate transparent element.

The radio equipment

The kit includes a radio box, which in many versions of the Airacobra was placed on the shelf behind the pilot’s head, but some versions did not have it. There is also a ring radio navigation aerial used in some aircraft.

The doors

The characteristic “car” doors to the Airacobra cockpit can be installed in a closed or open version. If we leave them open, it will be easier to see the very rich interior detailing of the cockpit.

Even more – in 3D-print technology

As you can see, even in the basic version of the kit, the plastic sprues contain a lot of alternative parts, but we tried not to escalate it excessively so as not to increase the price of the model kit unnecessarily. For those who need more details or other options, we encourage you to try our 3D files for self-printing. There, you will find parts that are better detailed than injection technology allows, as well as additional sub-variants and the possibility of making a retracted undercarriage!

Free promotional file!

Anyone who buys the Airacobra 1/48 model kit during the promotional pre-order will receive a free file with the cockpit interior equipment. It contains two seats with belts, machine gun butts and levers and knobs for self-printing. This file is free of charge in the bundle with the model kit until the end of the promotional pre-order, after the end of the promotion it will be available for purchase online in the store.



Additional files for self-printing resin details in 3D can now be purchased in the store online.

Promotional bundles

For the pre-order of the new 1/48 Airacobra, we have prepared several attractive promotional bundles, the larger the bundle you order, the bigger the discount you will get. You can buy the Airacobras themselves in bundles, or you can also complete your Hurricane collection. Each promotional bundle also includes free files for printing resin details on a 3D printer. Download them even if you don’t have a printer, these devices are becoming more and more available and maybe soon you will be able to print them without any problems?

Examine and pre-order promotional bundles! We plan to ship the pre-ordered kits in the second half of June!



Check and pre-order promotional 1/48 P-39Q Airacobra bundles! We plan to ship the pre-ordered kits in the second half of June!

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