While we wait for the production of the final sprues of the new Airacobra in 1/48 scale to be completed, let’s take a closer look at its decals and masks. Modellers like to focus on plastic sprues, but decals and masks also determine the final appearance of the model!

See for yourself what’s in the 1/48 Cobra box!

The Decals – surprise!

As we have already revealed, in this model kit we are trying slightly different solutions than before. This also applies to decals. So far, we most often ordered them from the excellent Polish company Techmod. This time, for a change, we decided to print them in the Italian Cartograf. Cartograf needs no introduction to most modellers. Their signature is always a symbol of the highest quality (however, this does not mean that Techmod is missing something).

Nowa Airacobra Arma Hobby w skali 1/48!

The decals are printed on pale greenish-blue paper and secured with thin protective paper.

Markings and emblems

The main markings – American and Soviet stars as well as tactical numbers, serials and individual emblems – are printed sharply, with beautiful, uniform and saturated authentinc colours, without any raster. They make a really big impression.

The inscriptions “Old Crow” could not be missing – for Airacobra flown by ‘Bud’ Anderson, the famous US Air Force triple ace.

‘Bud’ Anderson i jego ‘Old Crow’ cz. I

Details and stencils

Even the smallest details – equipment of the instrument panel and stencils – are sharp and clear.

The stencils are available in two versions: regular (printed on a transparent film) for Airacobras in the factory Olive Drab/Neutral Gray colours:

And for the “coral” Cobra on a base of the factory-applied Olive Drab and Neutral Gray camouflage colours, to be applied over sand-and-blue camouflage. In the actual aircraft used on Makin Island, before it was painted in the “coral” camouflage, the stencils were taped over so that they did not need to be recreated, but along with the stencils, the stripes of the original paints also remained underneath.

Koralowe Airacobry

The set also includes decals for the pilot’s seat belts. They have buckles printed in metallic silver.

Painting masks

In accordance with the Arma Hobby standard, the kit includes high-quality self-adhesive masks for painting the canopy and wheels. They were produced by Techmod, using Japanese Kabuki paper, popular among modellers.

Window painting masks on “car” doors are clearly marked “in” and “out” for interior and exterior surfaces.

  • How do you like the idea of ​​printing decals in Cartograf? Write in the comments!

Promotional bundles

For the pre-order of the new 1/48 Airacobra, we have prepared several attractive promotional bundles, the larger the bundle you order, the bigger the discount you will get. You can buy the Airacobras themselves in bundles, or you can also complete your Hurricane collection. Each promotional bundle also includes free files for printing resin details on a 3D printer. Download them even if you don’t have a printer, these devices are becoming more and more available and maybe soon you will be able to print them without any problems?

Examine and pre-order promotional bundles! We plan to ship the pre-ordered kits in the second half of June!



Check and pre-order promotional 1/48 P-39Q Airacobra bundles! We plan to ship the pre-ordered kits in the second half of June!

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