Today we are starting a series of autumn new releases from Arma Hobby. Three new models are waiting in the queue. First goes an easy one – Hurricane Mk IIb. What makes this model special, and what additional options have we prepared for modellers? Let’s see!

Each model is a design challenge for us. We want it to be better than the previous one, to raise the bar a little higher for us. We chose the Hurricane IIb as the first of the three new releases planned for the end of the year. It is a version with 12 machine guns, mainly used in the “Hurribomber” configuration. We tested the “stressed skin effect” on the model, and the first conclusions show that it is necessary to design it more prominent in subsequent models.

Boxart Hurricane Mk IIb, artwork by Piotr Forkasiewicz

Plastic Parts

The model includes two plastic frames, the first one from the Hurricane Mk IIc set, and the second with the Mk IIb version wing, and underwing stores: bombs and tanks. They provide the modeller with an option to build the model in the Hurribomber and Intruder variants. They make it a more combat, aggressive look to the profile of both the Mk IIc and Mk IIb versions. Additionally, the frame includes an early tail wheel and exhaust manifold for early Hurricane Mk II models.

Test Shot sprue Hurricane Mk IIb

Renderings 3D

Exhaust variants

Tailwheel variants

Underwing stores variants


Hurricane Mk IIc – myśliwiec na każdą porę, w nocy i w dzień

In addition to the kit is a new clear part frame. The first clear parts mould was damaged, and we quickly ordered a new one. In the project, we improved the thickness of the canopy. New clear parts are included in all Hurricane versions produced after the mould change. If you want to buy a new canopy for the Hurricane models you already have, write about it in the comments. We will think about some promotion in our online store.

Model built from test shots

Release plans

Hurricane Mk IIb / c Expert Set will be released as the first set, with six versions of the camouflage and markings. In the future, we plan Model Kit boxes of the Mk IIb and Mk IIb trop, and possibly Limited Editions. However, the “Experts” of new models will be released first. The Hurricane Mk IIc model in 1/48 scale is planned after the new year, and it still needs to be refined slightly.

The 1/72 scale Hurricane series will continue as long as there is interest from modellers. Sea Hurricane IIc and Hurricane IId are possible.

How can I buy Hurricane Mk IIb / c?

The model you can see listed in our web-store, we will start preorders soon. Packages with additional plastic frames (know as “over trees”) will be available. We will begin shipping on September 28, 2020.

See the model in the store link


Thank you to the modellers taking part in betting on what will be our next model. You’ve bet a lot of exciting picks, many of them will hit our queue somewhere. We would need more time to be ready for them, but we hope it will be worth the wait. We perceive discussions about potential novelties as an expression of your confidence in our capabilities. We will try not to disappoint you. As a rule of thumb, we do not comment on specific model proposals and do not make premature promises.

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Photos and 3D renders – Marcin Ciepierski, Arma Hobby

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