The second new kit this fall, next to the Airacobra, is the new Mustang B box, this time with markings for USAAF fighters operating in the European Theater of Operations.

This model kit, just like the Airacobra, is a kit in the new Arma Hobby style – without a photo-etched fret, but with five cool marking schemes and a painting mask made of excellent “kabuki” paper. Another thing that connects this Mustang with the Airacobra is the boxart painting – “Old Crow” – the plane of the outstanding, still living USAAF ace – Cpt. Clarence “Bud” Anderson. It was the name “Bud” Anderson gave to his planes: the Airacobra and the Mustangs B and D.

Let’s examine the model kit instructions:


Zestawy detali 3D do modeli 70055 P-39Q Airacobra i 70041 P-51B Mustang

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