After almost two years we’ve got back in stock a model kit of the Fokker E.V/D.VIII – a German fighter from the Great War period, which also went down in the history of Polish aviation.

The Fokker E.V is a fighter from the factory of Antony Fokker, a Dutch industrialist known for its innovativeness, who worked during World War I for the Germans. Fokker introduced such groundbreaking designs as the E.III – the world’s first “real” fighter, armed with a forward-firing synchronized machine gun; triplane Dr.I, flown by the “Red Baron” Manfred von Richthofen, and probably the finest fighter of the Great War, the Fokker D.VII. Although the E.V had excellent performance and was cheap to produce, it did not manage to play a major role in the Great War – it was haunted by production defects resulting from the difficult economic situation in Germany during the last months of the war. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful plane and was respected by its opponents, who called it a “Fokker’s Razor.”

Fokker’s Razor – E.V/D.VIII

After the end of World War I, Poles captured a certain number of Fokkers and put them into service as soon as possible where they were most needed – on the front of the battles for the eastern borders. Fokker E.V was the type flown in the 1919 spring under the skies of Lwów (Lviv) by the legendary creator of the Polish national white-and-red checkerboard marking, Lt. Stefan Stec.

Most Famous Polish Fokker – modeller’s view

The Fokker model kit in the Expert Set includes plastic parts, photo-etched details, and two excellent decal sheets printed by Techmod – one with individual and national markings for two Polish and two German aeroplanes, and the other with “lozenge” – a German fabric printed in multi-coloured polygons, invented during World War I to make serial production of airplanes cheaper and easier, by eliminating the need for painting.

Flugzeugstoff – printed lozenge fabric

The small model kit produced by Arma Hobby was very well received by the modeling community. On forums and social media, you can see many galleries

Fokker E.V. – Gallery – David Hearn

with beautiful models built from this set. But the most amazing is that our Fokker inspired Tom Grigat to create a wonderful animation that illustrates the magic of modeling!

Modelling Magic – a movie with the Fokker E.V model

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