At the end of July 2018 at the Museum of Aviation in Krakow, the renovation of the only preserved copy of the PZL P.11c aircraft was completed. Thanks to the kindness of our reader, Grzegorz Szymanowski, we present photos of the plane during the final stage of assembly. The aircraft engine will be restarted soon. See more!

The plane is painted in the camouflage “Polish late khaki”. Aeroplane underwing code letter was changed from K to E. It was painted during servce in training squadron of the 2 Aviation Regiment in Cracow. Then it was repainted to K when aeroplane was shifted to 121 Squadron.We do not know whether Krakow’s “2” had painted 121 squadron emblem during service in the training squadron. Maybe one of the readers knows the answer?

The wheels of the plane are not original, but this time it was mounted more like the factory ones (diameter is 5cm to small). A roll was added to tail pitch to facilitate the movement of the aircraft in the hangar. When plane returns to the exhibition – it will be removed).

All pictures are ©2018 Grzegorz Szymanowski

Walkaround of the PZL P.11c



P.11c Junior set 1/72 P-11c model 1/72

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