The P-51B Mustang™ model is well-known among modelers, and you can find many beautifully built  models in our gallery. There are plenty of great videos on YouTube showing how to assemble this model. So, what makes the Deluxe Set stand out? Let’s take a look inside!

Double Mustang from Arma Hobby

Upon opening the box, the modeler will find two separate bags with a complete model, safely packed 3D accessories, an instruction manual, and a huge decal sheet with eight versions of colours and markings, and masks  for canopy and wheels.

Sklejamy Mustanga™ – porady modelarskie

Model Sprues

The sprues are packed in separate plastic bags, which protects the model if you decide to assemble only one at a time or share the model with a friend. Inside the bag, you’ll find separately packed clear parts, protected from accidental scratching.

The sprues allow to built the out-of-the-box model of P-51B/C and reconnaissance F-6C variants. You’ll find alternate parts, including:

  • Engine cover vents – 3 types
  • Several variants of radio equipment
  • Fuselage fuel tank
  • Two types of cockpit canopies, each in open and closed positions
  • Photographic compartment windows
  • Vertical stabilizer fin fillet
  • Two types of underwing fuel tanks
  • 250-pound bombs

P-51 B/C Mustang™ Expert Set Inbox

3D Accessories for the Mustang

A deluxe set must include rich additions. Two sets of 3D-printed accessories contain a pilot’s seat with belts, exhaust pipes, and a radiator mesh. The seat and pipes have their variants, so after assembling two models from this set, you’ll still have one seat and two sets of pipes left, perfect for another Mustang from Arma Hobby (or even from another manufacturer).

Decals for the Double Mustang

The decal sheet includes eight marking versions, all for the production version of the P-51B. We ensured a variety of camouflage and markings. There are two aircraft in the colors of the Polish Air Force in RAF markings, and six American ones from the European Theater of Operations, including four with invasion stripes. The models represent interesting sub-variants of the aircraft, differing in canopy type, stabilizer fin, exhaust pipes, and armament.

Model Instructions

The assembly instruction will guide you safely through the numerous versions of the Mustang that you can assemble from this Deluxe Set. The use of 3D accessories and the differences in small parts between versions are clearly marked. The painting guide suggests the type of armament (bombs, types of fuel tanks).

Did You Like This Model?

Visit the Arma Hobby store and remember that the number of Deluxe Set editions is limited.

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