Tim Hatton from Aeroscale.net has reviewed our 1/48 Hurricane Mk IIb.

Similar kit, in the tropical version, with the same plastic sprues and completely new decals, is in the final stages of preparations and until Thursday, May 16, it can still be purchased on promotional preorder.

Nowy model Army: 1/48 Hurricane Mk IIb trop

And now let’s check how Tim Hatton liked Arma’s 1/48 Hurricane Mk IIb!

Tim Hatton wrote:

The Hurricane Mk.IIb is a relatively rare subject for manufacturers in 1:48 scale. Although the box is side opening, there is a robust cardboard tray. This should stop any box collapse if there are additional kits stored on top.

First thing that hits you looking at the sprues is the quality of the recessed and raised detail, it is superb. Impressive is the depiction of the rivets and fasteners. Equally impressive is the depiction of the fabric covered rear fuselage and control surfaces.  If you already have Arma Hobby’s canon armed Hurricane Mk.IIc, then you will recognise that there is a completely  new sprue for the Mk.IIb wing.


Decals are printed by Techmod. They look excellent with good colour density and the registration is excellent. The definition is very good particularly on the stencils and instruments.


The black line drawings of the instructions are explicit with written instructions in English and Polish. There are several modifications and differences with the marking options so pay close attention to each stage of the build.


The mix of fine raised and recessed surface detail is really first rate. Detail of the cockpit and undercarriage bay are well thought out and very well done. Arma Hobby has were possible created individual parts rather than rely on low relief detail, achieving a more realistic look. The twelve-gun wing will certainly create an interesting talking point if you are showing the completed kit at your local hobby meet. Highly recommended.

See whole Tim Hatton’s review on Aeroscale.net!

Promotional pre-order!

The promotional pre-orders for 1/48 Hurricane Mk IIb Trop kit end on Thursday, 16 May! We start shipping on Friday!

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