The Hurricane Mk IIb, often called the “Hurrybomber”, is an aircraft that appeared in larger numbers in 1941, when Spitfires already dominated European RAF squadrons. However, it was also a period in which the most important battles took place not under the skies of England or France, but in areas where the ease of operation and reliability of the machine were more important than flight speed.

Hurricane for extreme climates

That’s why Hurricane Mk II achieved the greatest glory in its tropical version, operating on distant fronts of World War II, from the Arctic to the Sahara and from Malta to Burma and Ceylon. This version was visually distinguished by a large dust filter suspended under the engine. These are the planes you will find in our latest set 1/48 Hurricane Mk IIb trop 40008, each of them took part in epic battles, crucial for the fate of the war, fought in extreme climates.

Sands of Sahara…


  • Hurricane Mk IIb trop „Hurribomber”, HL795/V, No. 274 Squadron RAF, Sidi Haneish (Egypt) and Sidi-Bu Amud (Libya), November 1942

The 274th is one of the core squadrons of the legendary Western Desert Air Force, fighting against the Italians and then the Afrika Korps since 1940. The Hurrybomber presented here bombed Rommel’s troops during the Battle of El-Alamein, and then further and further west, moving to subsequent airfields occupied during the pursuit of the fleeing Germans.

…Ceylon’s “Pearl Harbor”…

  • Hurricane Mk IIb trop BG967/A, No. 261 Squadron RAF, China Bay airfield, Triconmalee, Ceylon 1942

Delivered to Ceylon aboard the aircraft carrier HMS Indomitable, Hurricanes from this squadron took part in a dramatic fight against the Japanese, who attacked Ceylon on April 9 during the raid of Vice Admiral Nagumo’s powerful aircraft carrier task force into the Indian Ocean.

…and Arctic convoys.

  • Hurricane Mk IIb trop Z4017/FU-56. No. 81 Squadron RAF, Flight B. Operation „Benedict”. Vaenga, USSR, September-October 1941

RAF Hurricanes from this squadron defended the Arctic Russian port of Murmansk, where aid convoys for the Red Army arrived at the most critical moments of the fighting on the Eastern Front.

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