When the Polish modeling internet discuss new RWD-8 kit like soap opera, imperceptibly coming era of jet aviation. When TS-11 Iskra not yet aroused emotions such as RWD model, we decided to dispel possible doubts in advance. See now foreshadowing of what was coming …

Is the Iskra kit a short run?

Questions if developed Iskra plastic model from Arma Hobby is a short run may have some justification. The company produces resin models could come into production of the plastic model “Czech way”. What is the truth, Photos below show almost finished parts of moulds and eletrodes to EDM. Such moulds are much more expensive than the short run. Their advantage is durability. This will maintain the quality of production for many years.

  8160339 8160349

Zdjęcia pokazują prawie gotowe części stalowej formy Iskry i eletrody do elektrodrążenia. Formy takie są znacznie droższe od short run. Ich zaletą jest trwałość. Pozwoli to utrzymać jakość produkcji przez wiele lat.


Resin engine for Iskra

Presentation of pictures of the resin engine and other accessories for TS-11 is moved to the next week. We do not want too much heat in the atmosphere during hot weather. So far, every week will give further information about the forthcoming model.

The engine and the rest of the resin parts will be sold separately as well as together with the model in the luxury version. More next week!

Models of  Iskra in Arma Hobby link

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