It is my second Hurricane 1/48 from Arma Hobby, assembled in a short time. This time a tropical version in markings from Burma in 1944. So let’s read how I painted this model and see the photos in the gallery.

The first assembled Hurricane was an “armed reconnaissance” I worked out a few additional additions (chassis wiring, radiator tubes etc.) when building it. The model was built together without problems, but the painting was challenging for a 1/72-scale guy. My conclusion was to do the wash sparingly. The surface relief of the model was so pronounced that the oil fluid grabbed the details too much, making the model a bit too dark. Modellers familiar with the 1/48 scale would do better; I had to try it myself. I have slightly sanded rivets and changed the wash application (described in the next paragraph)

Painting of the model

I primed the model as before this time, covering it with a silver Gunze C08. I masked selected panels with Hobby2000 5mm masking tape and my Ammo Mig mascot. Then I airbrushed spots using Ammo Mig photo-etched stencils and flexible AK-Interactive. After removing the masks, it look good with well-pronounced elements on the surface. At this point, I used a wash, hoping it would be visible after painting the final colour. The silver background brightens the following layers nicely, and I prefer this method to “black bassing”.

Then I painted the camouflage with “free hand” to get a smooth camouflage transition on the upper surfaces. I achieved sharp border with the undersurface colour with masking tape.

I built the model quickly, so weathering still needs to be finished. I am preparing a diorama with a model and will post it on shortly. I will refine the weathering model during building scenery. And change wrong propeller spinner.

Photos of the model

Jak sklejał się pierwszy Hurricane 1/48 z Arma Hobby?

1/48 Hurricane IIc – Galeria – Marcin Ciepierski

Nity, śruby, dzusy – Hurricane pod mikroskopem

Hurricane Mk IIC 1/48 – sklejony model testowy

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