1/48 scale Hurricane Mk IIC promotional pre-sale is underway. Model kits pre-ordered in the Armahobby store come with free sets of 3D-printed resin details. This technology allows to obtain even better fine details than in plastic, and more three-dimensional than photo-etched parts.

You can only get them now, along with the model kits. They will not be sold separately, they will not be available after the pre-order ends.

Promocja 1/48 Hurricane Mk IIc do 18 czerwca!

Now let’s focus on the parts themselves printed with light-curing resin on a 3D printer.

The resin is semi-transparent, which is why it is difficult to photograph. For a better visibility, we primed the details for the photos with Chaos Black by Citadel.

1/48 Hurricane 3D-printed details

The exhausts

Two versions of the cannon barrells

Pilot’s seat with the seatbelts

Depending on the selected promotional bundle, with the pre-ordered model kits you will receive only exhaust pipes, exhausts with barrels, or a package of all three sets: exhausts, barrels and a seat. Detailed information about promotional bundles can be found on the Armahobby store website.

3D-printed details prepared for packaging with promotional sets

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