Today we start shipping the F-6C Mustang 1/72 Expert Set kits. The reconnaissance Mustang’s model kit is based on plastic sprues identical to the fighter version, but the photo-etched details and, of course, the painting schemes are different.

The box includes decals for the four basic schemes (one French and three American) and two bonus schemes being variants of that basic schemes. The masks for painting the canopy and wheels are made of very good Japanese kabuki paper.

Let me introduce you to the contents of the model kit box!

Plastic parts

Plastic sprues in this kit – the same as in the fighter version of the P-51B/C – have already received very good reviews and even the medall “Model de Jahres 2022” (“Model of the Year 2022”). The parts fit well and contain a lot of high-quality details, so there is less and less need to supplement them with photo-etched details. The set includes a lot of optional parts that allow you to build virtually all variants of the razorback Mustang with Merlin engine and two types of fuel tanks and the bombs.

Available options:

  • Three variants of the dust filter cover
  • Optional radio arrangements
  • Optional fuselage fuel tank
  • Two types of the canopy, both can be made in open and closed position
  • Openings for camera lenses with transparent covers
  • Vertical stabilizer with or without fillet.
  • Two types of underwing fuel tanks
  • 250 lb bombs (yes! Even photo-reconnaissance Mustangs carried bombs!)


The Decals

Kit includes a large Techmod decal sheet for four basic schemes, one French and three American. In addition, we have included decals that allow you to make two bonus schemes being variants of that basic schemes. The sheet contains a double set of stencils, seat belts, and details for the cockpit. This allows you to make two complete models using the plastic sprues sold in the promotion (so-called overtrees).


F-6C Mustang Expert Set – Malowania z Zestawu

Photo-etched Parts

The photo-etched fret in the reconnaissance version of the kit is slightly different from the fighter fret. A camera access panel has been added and, alternatively, a template for scribing this panel yourself. In addition, there are things known from fighter Mustangs:

  • seatbelts
  • radiator grills
  • small hot air scoop panel behind the exhaust for early versions


Pre-cut Masks

The pre-cut sheet of masks for painting the canopy and wheels also includes templates for scribing the camera panels and the hot air scoop behind the exhaust pipes. We are glad that we could use the excellent Japanese kabuki paper to make the masks – it is again available on the market, and it works better than vinyl masks.

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