The latest Hurricane 1/48 model kit – now for the first time in this scale in a naval version – has been on its way to modellers who have pre-ordered it for several days now. This is a very rich set, in addition to interesting camouflages and markings, it includes a large 3D resin print, including parts for conversion to the Sea Hurricane carrier-based variant, as well as many details improving what could not be injected so well in plastic.

Solid packaging

All parts of the kit are carefully packed in a colourful box with a solid cardboard tray inside, allowing for convenient storage of the kit parts also during its construction.

The precise 3D print is packed in a plastic bag and secured with an additional cardboard compartment in the corner of the box tray.

Plastic parts – medal-winning!

The Sea Hurricane Mk IIc kit includes the highest quality 1/48 Hurricane Mk IIc Arma Hobby plastic sprues, which were awarded the “Model of the Year 2024” gold medal. Arma Hobby is entitled to use this medal for the entire line of Hurricane 1/48 kits sharing the same sprues.

More photos of the sprues can be found in the article describing the first medal-winning box of our Hurricane Mk IIc 1/48:

Hurricane Mk IIc 1/48 – zawartość pudełka

3D prints – conversion and superdetailing

A special element of the Sea Hurricane Mk IIc model is a large and very precise set of resin 3D prints, designed by Marcin Ciepierski, the designer of the entire kit. Printed resin elements fit perfectly into plastic parts according to the “plug and play” principle – they do not require any matching or cutting.

The 3D parts include elements for converting the “land-based” Hurricane into a carrier-borne Sea Hurricane fighter: these are the landing hook and the bottom of the fuselage with a bay for this hook. The resin bottom replacing the plastic bottom, has identical dimensions, so the conversion is trouble-free.

Additionally, the set includes several elements that are substitutes for plastic parts; 3D printing can offer higher quality details and indentations (in exhaust tubes and gun barrels) that cannot be injected so effectively in plastic.

Instructions, masks and decals

Of course, the box includes detailed instructions for assembling the model – step by step, including glueing plastic and resin parts, applying decals, and painting the model using self-adhesive masks made of the highest quality Japanese “kabuki” paper.

A scan of the entire manual for this model can be found in a separate article:

Sea Hurricane Mk IIc w skali 1/48 – instrukcja modelu 40009

Detailed information and photos of decals for this model can be found in a separate article:

Kalkomanie do modelu 1/48 Sea Hurricane Mk IIc

Last minute correction

As you probably already know, at the last minute we received information that the correct emblem on the “7-K” “Nicki” boxart-featured plane should be the head of a tiger, and not a horse, as it has been depicted in all models so far. We managed to do what is most important, i.e. print the correct decals, but the box and instructions were already printed. Therefore, we attach an erratum to each kit with information on which decal should be used.

Kot, a nie koń! Odkrycie last minute

Let’s be friendly – 1/72 tigers

We also placed three correct 1/72 tiger emblems on the decal. We ask 1/48 modellers to share it with their 1/72 modellers friends!

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