We already have the long-awaited decals for 1/48 Sea Hurricane Mk IIc! Thanks to this, from Friday we will start sending model kits to those who pre-ordered them.

We planned to ship the ordered kits earlier, but the manufacturer of our excellent decals, Techmod, was busy preparing to release its own 1/48 Ansaldo A.1 Balilla WWI fighter kit. This delay turned out to be fortunate, because thanks to it we managed to correct the emblem of the boxart-featured white Hurricane “Nicki”!

Kot, a nie koń! Odkrycie last minute

Techmod quality

The decal in the kit is of the quality of Polish Techmod, which has long been known to modellers. It was designed by Zbyszek Malicki, our company’s graphic designer.

Small details

As usual, the decal includes numerous small, precisely drawn and printed elements: stencils, an instrument panel with precisely reproduced dials and other elements of the cockpit equipment, as well as the seatbelts.

Emblems – a tiger and a girl

Two planes from the box options are decorated with emblems. “S for Sugar” from 825 NAS has an unusual for FAA pin-up girl, and the white “Nicki” from 835 – a tiger’s head on a yellow shield, originally the emblem of 804 Squadron, from which planes and pilots were transferred to the escort carrier HMS Nairana and they retained loyalty to their original unit there.

A horse for a memento

For vintage lovers and as a memento, we also decided to keep the red shield with a horse. This probably never-existing emblem has been incorrectly placed in all model kits of this aircraft and decal sets of many manufacturers for decades.

Let’s be friendly – 1/72 tigers

We also placed three correct 1/72 tiger emblems on the decal. We ask 1/48 modellers to share it with their 1/72 modellers friends!

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