Sea Hurricane Mk.IIC in 1/72 scale is a model kit in an already proven concept, combining the well-known and popular Arma Hobby “land-based” Hurricane Mk.II sprues with specially designed 3D-printed resin parts for conversion into a carrier-borne fighter! In addition, very good Techmod decals – 3 unusual marking schemes researched in cooperation with two experts: Wojciech Łuczak and Tony O’Toole.

Let’s check what is in the box!

Model kit contents

  • Plastic parts (Hurricane Mk IIC)
  • Sea Hurricane IIC conversion: 3D printed resin parts
  • Canopy and wheel masks
  • Decals with 3 colour schemes
  • Instructions

Plastic parts are well-known Hurricane IIC sprues. You can see them in many reviews of this popular model kit.

Hurricane Mk IIc Expert Set – Arma Hobby – Review

3D prints

Sea Hurricane IIc is built using plastic sprues of the land-based Hurricane IIc in 1/72 scale and a 3D-printed resin set for conversion into a carrier-based aircraft. The conversion set was designed by Marcin Ciepierski, the designer of the original model, to make the conversion simple and pleasant.

It is similar to the Sea Hurricane Ib kit, which was very positively received by modellers – many beautiful models have already been made from it!



Techmod decals

Model kit includes excellent Techmod-printed decals. We have prepared three eye-catching marking schemes – each has something special: extraordinary camouflage, American stars instead of British roundels, a cool painting, very rare in the conservative Royal Navy.



The kit includes self-adhesive pre-cut painting masks made of top quality Japanese “kabuki” paper.

Sea Hurricane IIc w skali 1/72 – instrukcja modelu

Promotional bundles

For a few days more, the 1/72 Sea Hurricane IIc model kit can still be ordered on promotion – in advantageous promotional bundles. The larger the bundle, the more benefits: 3D prints, discount!

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