Editor’s Note: We present painting and marking schemes that you will find in the box with the new Sea Hurricane Mk.IB (70061). Together with Wojciech Łuczak, a well-known military journalist, expert and fan of naval aviation, we chose five schemes. They are connected with  the two most important episodes of the Sea Hurricanes Mk.IB’s fighting career: Operation Pedestal – the mission to deliver critical supplies to Malta, and the Arctic convoy PQ-18, which set off for Murmansk as the first after the break forced by the famous massacre of the PQ-17 convoy. Wojciech Łuczak also traced their previous history: it turned out that some of these Hurricanes were “guys with the past” – before navalisation, they had fought in land squadrons – also the Polish ones!

Today we can read the encyclopedic descriptions of individual planes prepared by Wojciech Łuczak and their colour profiles by Zbyszek Malicki – and soon – a series of longer #armastories by Wojciech Łuczak about Sea Hurricanes IB and their combat achievements!

Sea Hurricane IB Z7153 “F” of the No. 801 Naval Air Squadron Fleet Air Arm (squadron CO – Lieutenant Commander Rupert Brabner), aircraft carrier HMS Eagle, Mediterranean, Operation Pedestal, August 1942. The plane sank on 11 August after the ship had been torpedoed. The plane was manufactured in Canada as a land-based Hurricane by Canadian Car Co. and entered service on 30 July 1940; in the spring of 1941 it was converted to a naval fighter. The modification was completed on 31 May 1941. The Royal Navy took over the plane on 15 August 1941. On 14 March 1942, it joined in No. 801 Squadron.

Sea Hurricane IB V6695 „K” of the No. 801 Naval Air Squadron Fleet Air Arm, aircraft carrier HMS Eagle, Mediterranean, Operation Pedestal, August 1942. The plane sank on 11 August after the ship has been torpedoed. The plane was manufactured by Gloster. On 20 August 1940 as a land-based Hurricane I, started service in RAF. On 14 September joined No. 504 Squadron. To Polish No. 317 Squadron came on 11 May 1941. Was marked JH-J. Flown by: Sgt Baranowski, Sgt Malinowski, Sgt Brzeski, F/O Szumowski, P/O Łukaszewicz, Sgt Karaszewski, Sgt Kościk. On 17 May 1941 Sgt Baranowski damaged the aeroplane during taxiing. After the repair in No. 51 MU on 11 September 1941 test-flown by S/Ldr Tadeusz Piotrowicz. In autumn 1941 the plane was converted into naval fighter. Transferred to Royal Navy on 24 November 1941. Delivered to Glasgow harbour on 9 July 1942.

Sea Hurricane IB AF953 „A” of the No. 802 Naval Air Squadron Fleet Air Arm, escort aircraft carrier HMS Avenger, summer 1942, before escort of the PQ-18 convoy. Aeroplane in land-based Hurricane version produced in Canada by Canadian Car Co. Delivered to RAF on 9 March 1941. For conversion into Sea Hurricane came on September 1941. After conversion test-flown on 22 May 1942, and on 24 May delivered to Royal Navy air station Donibristle.

Sea Hurricane IB V7056 “7T” of the No. 855 Naval Air Squadron Fleet Air Arm (squadron CO – Lt. R.H.P. Carver), aircraft carrier HMS Victorious, Mediterranean, Operation Pedestal, August 1942. An aeroplane with Polish connection. Produced by Hawkera and delivered to RAF as land-based Hurricane I on 25 August 1940. In September 1940 in No. 605 Squadron, later in December 1940 in No. 615 Squadron. Since 22 February in Polish No. 317 Squadron with markings JH-C. Flown by: Sgt Biel, P/O Kumiega, P/O Sikorski, P/O Martel, F/Lt Young, P/O Bochniak, Sgt Karaszewski, Sgt Sztramko, P/O Brzeziński, Sgt Malinowski, F/Lt Wczelik. In October 1941 went for conversion into Sea Hurricane. Since 9 January 1942 in the Fleet Air Arm.

Sea Hurricane IB Z4849 „7G” of the No. 880 Naval Air Squadron Fleet Air Arm (squadron CO – Lieutanant Commander F.E. „Butch” Judd) ), aircraft carrier HMS Indomitable, Mediterranean, Operation Pedestal, August 1942. Pilot: Sub/Lt Hugh Popham RNVR. Plane produced by Gloster. In August 1941 went for navalisation. Since 18 August 1941 in Fleet Air Arm. In No. 880 Squadron since 22 november 1941.

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