First online reviews of the new 1/72 Ki-84 Hayate Expert Set are available on the internet. We are providing the links below. We are waiting for your feedback about the kit and reviews in the comments section below the post!

English language reviews:

Brett Green on Hyperscale

Arma Hobby’s 1/72 scale Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate Expert Set is very impressive kit with its crisp surface textures, high moulding quality, thoughtful parts breakdown, useful options and a very high level of detail.
This is a another excellent offering from Arma Hobby.

Wiktor Mulin on Detail Scale View

In my opinion it is a great offer in 1/72 scale and even out-of-the-box build would look impressive. Moreover, Arma Hobby managed to copy some things which are not that often seen in bigger releases. The only thing you should keep in mind – small size might be tricky for older modelers, but that is something expected, right? All in all, I am quite impressed with this new kit and I hope that Arma Hobby will keep surprising us with new cool releases this year. 🙂

…and Wiktor’s video inbox on Youtube:

Sebastian Nocoń on his blog ZAP Models

In summary, Arma Hobby again released a great looking kit. Despite the fact that I am not a fan of Japanese planes, seeing this kit I feel like building it. It will be fun for sure.

Tomasz R. Lubczyński on his blog Modellair

It seems that this is currently the best Hayate in 1:72 scale, which in itself doesn’t mean much, as the competition is pretty weak. Ancient Hasegawa? The unavailable, shortrun Sword? Arma Hobby hit the nail on the head with this topic, and the kit itself looks pretty good too. There are a few things that can be complained about, but it is certainly a nice starting point to build an attractive Ki-84 miniature in my favourite scale.

Polish languge reviews:

Rafał Książek „Rafhart” Youtube online inbox review:

Marcin „Marwaw” Wawrzynkowski in the Koszaliński Pluton Modelarski

Arma Hobby offers another really high-quality product; it can be a market success just like their Mustang. This kit can create a impressive and faithful model that can decorate any collection. Congratulations to everyone who participated in this project.

Kamil Feliks Sztarbała on KFS-Miniatures

Arma consistently avoids riveting its kits. Therefore, we will not find this feature here. Or at least not in the form of a dense mesh of rivets on the surfaces. Because the larger ones, as well as all screws, are marked with recesses and circles of different diameters. On the other hand, the panel lines and inspection panels are thin but distinct.

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