I present my Wildcat in the Marines of Guadalcanal colours. The aeroplane was piloted by Lt. James Swett MH of the VMF-221, who claimed eight Aichi D3A Val bombers shot down in a single combat flight on April 7, 1943 and received Medal of Honor for his achievement. I took the markings and “tail-art” from the DK Decals decal set, the rest of the markings came from the model.

Building the model

Basically nothing to write about. Great model, it builds very well. A little more attention is needed to precisely reproduce the interior of the landing gear and engine. This is a nod from a model designer to perfectionist modellers (I am not one of them). I painted it with old model paints (some of my younger colleagues probably haven’t even seen such paints). The bottom is good old Humbrol 129 and the top is Aeromaster Acrylics Blue Gray. For marking, I used the stars from the set decal sheet and the individual markings for the plane from the DK Decals set. I ”covered it up ” with several layers of Gunze GX clear varnish (UV CUT) with the addition of wash  ‘RAINMARKS’ effect by MiG.


Kpt. Joe Foss– najgroźniejszy pilot Wildcata Marines

Wildcat Mk VI SEAC – Galeria – Zbyszek Malicki

Hurricane IIc Trop – Galeria – Zbyszek Malicki

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