Keeping promises, today we present the new model from Arma Hobby. It has not been three weeks since the release of Yak-1b and the next kit will appear soon. See what we have prepared this time!

The next model from Arma Hobby, with new tools, is:

Hawker Hurricane II c!

Why are we going back to Hurricane? The answer to this question is quite simple because we can do it – even better in the next version! Thanks to the experience gathered during the designing of the Mk. I model and the following Yak-1b, I could do “Hurry” ​​again, and I hope it’s even better. The history of our models is a continuous development, acquiring new skills, both by myself and by a team of people in the tool workshop. I wanted to quickly test the knowledge I gained on something relatively simple to design. A kit that we already developed a lot. Aeroplane for which we see high demand from modellers. Therefore, the choice of Hurricane Mk. II c was obvious.

Old or new project?

From the previous project of the Mk. I version  I took the shape of the fuselage (rear part), as well as wings and tailplane. However, all the rest is an entirely new project. While maintaining a similar division of kit parts as in the Mk. I, I have improved the new model in many aspects. Let’s see a list of project changes quickly:

  • New propeller design, one-piece, easier assembly, with a simplified method of attachment to the fuselage. I kept “kinetic realism” in the form of a spinning propeller, of course.
  • A new connector section of the upper surface of the wings, imitating the pilot’s cabin floor.
  • Main landing gear bays enriched with rivets. In the review of the model Mk.I in KFS-Miniatures , the unnecessary use of the photoetched plate was rightly pointed out here since the same effect can be achieved in plastic.
  • Improved assembly of the undercarriage legs, now they can be glued after painting (in fact, it was possible before, but it required some extra effort)
  • Longer fuselage before cockpit, new fish-tail exhausts, a new carburettor inlet, a new (longer) tropical filter cover as well as two variants of cannon barrels are the requirements of the new version.
  • The new division into parts in the radiator housing. The radiator itself is here two-piece. Thanks to that we have more details and less risk of sinkholes
  • Redesigned cockpit interior. I hope that thanks to the changing division of parts, the assembly of the whole will be more comfortable.

Besides, wherever I could, I added convex and concave rivets and other details. I have made thinner the T-bar and rod. They fit beautifully on one frame. The kit will also include a transparent frame from the previous kit.

More interesting details

There are a few things not quite visible in the project, and I hope they improve the kit’s building workflow. Also, I left a gate for a future project. Some modellers may find it out when looking on sprues. I am eagerly waiting for the first injections to see if I was able to make the project at least in Yak-1b quality.

Last but not least are box-art of new kits. The first time we have worked on Experts Set art with Piotr Forkasiewicz, a renowned aviation artist. Model Kits boxes have as usual great looking arts from Marcin Górecki. Hopefully, with much more kits on the way, we could have all box-art ready on time thanks to both excellent artists.

Hurricane IIc release schedule

  • Test shots are planned for mid-November 2019
  • Shipments would start before the end of November 2019
  • Preorders begin in second week of November
  • 70035 Hurricane Mk IIc Expert Set release is expected in late November 2019
  • 70036 Hurricane Mk IIc Model Kit release is expected on January 2020
  • 70037 Hurricane Mk IIc trop Model Kit release is expected on March 2020

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