It was announced last month, that tooling of TS-11 Iskra plastic kit 1/72 scale is almost finished. We have expected test shots and promised publishing photos of them, but unfortunately test took more time. At now we are very excited waiting for test shots already sent from facory in China. See photos of test shots and check what next with TS-11 plastic kit.

Test shots of the TS-11 Iskra model kit

Pictures shows test shots photos made in factory in China. You can see low grade plastic used for tests and some problems with parts. For sure problems will be corrected and parts will be produced from hi-grade plastic.

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So test of tools took a month more than expected, not such unusual with plastik kit tooling. It will shift release date of kit. We will know more when test shots arrive next week.  At now we do not know if there will be corrections needed and when tools will be sent to Poland.

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Models of TS-11 Iskra in Arma Hobby

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