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TS-11 R Novax is a naval aviation recconaissance version of the TS-11 Iskra bis DF combat trainer airplane. It was established in the early 1990s as the successor of the SBLim-2A and PZL Lim-6 aircraft in the Navy.

The TS-11 R is equipped with Bendix King RDS-81 weather radar and GPS receiver. It was to small space for the new radar. So the front section of the fuselage was enlarged by adding a slight bubble of the “tip” of the nose. In the second cockpit, a radar screen added above the instrument panel.

TS-11 R Novax aircraft served in the 7th Special Aviation Regiment and later in the 3rd Aircraft Squadron in Siemirowice in Pomerania until 2004 when they were replaced by the PZL An-28 / M-28 “Bryza” turboprop patrol aircraft.

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TS-11 R model kit box content

Plastic model, TS-11 R Iskra Novax, contains plastic parts from the model TS-11 Iskra bis DF, photo-etched to the interior of the cockpit and FOD mesh covers, canopy and wheel painting masks, and resin parts for conversion to the Novax version. The model decals include four paint versions, three Novax and one Iskra bis DF, all in Navy Navy colours from Siemirowice Airfield. Decals in the highest quality are printed Italian Cartograph.

kalkomania ts-11 R Novax

Colour options included in set

TS-11 R 1919

TS-11 Iskra R NOVAX, 7th Special Aviation Regiment, Polish Navy, Siemirowice AB, 1994

TS-11 R Novax 1909

TS-11 Iskra R NOVAX, 7th Special Aviation Regiment, Polish Navy, Siemirowice AB, 1993

TS-11 R numer 1910

TS-11 Iskra R NOVAX, 3rd Aviation Squadron, Polish Navy, Siemirowice AB, 1997

TS-11 Iskra bis DF 1722

TS-11 Iskra Bis DF, 7th Special Aviation Regiment, Polish Navy, Siemirowice AB, 1994


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