The big changes in Arma Hobby caused a lot of questions from the modellers. Will you not sell resin anymore? What about the new plastic models? See answers to frequently asked questions.

I ordered resin models during the clearance sale of Attack Squadron brand when my order will be dispatched?

As you know, the sale has resulted in a gargantuan number of orders. According to our assessment, retail orders should be shipped by the end of November. Wholesale orders, we hope to the end of the year. The wholesale orders are constantly flowing, and we have to refuse to accept them.

Will your resins still be produced by another company?

We hope so. Figures and the Polish subject Attack Squadron / Arma Hobby resin are already reserved for the companies that are planning to produce them. Soon we will be able to reveal it to the public.
Attack Squadron – international subject – are in the negotiation with the interested companies.

Why do you have such delays in the announced news? Your newsletters are still about the same, nothing new.

Delays are the result of small “processing” power. As you know, we are developing a line of plastic models, and because of them, we have resigned from the resin line. Before the release of the P.7a plastic kit, we were not sure yet how does work the process of implementing the model for production. We were often helpless with unexpected problems and delays.
After releasing P.7a, we began intensive preparations to release more models. At this stage, resin models have begun to inhibit our development. Their production is very labour intensive. And even the closure of their sales has given us, even more, work that draw attention from the development of plastic models. Thanks to everybody for orders, it is a kind of support for our efforts, and we are very pleased to have your confidence in our models and accessories.
With the development of plastic models, everything will be sorted out. The resignation of the resin will speed up the process. There will be more news to write about in the newsletters.

What new models are you planning? When will you show news?

I posted about the news recently about a year ago. The first two plastic models have taught us how unpredictable, especially in a small company like ours, is the process of implementing the model for production. In spite of all the effort, still, something can go wrong. We do not want to disappoint the modellers, and now we refrain from providing news until we are sure when they can be released.

Another model, planned for the beginning of December, we will probably announce in about a week. At this moment, boxes and decals are being printed, photo-etched parts are being produced. The instructions are finished. Let’s just check that the moulds are ready. And then we will officially announce a new model. Next year we plan four new tooling model kits. All are 1/72 planes. According to our policy, exact announcements will be made just before they are released.

Will you release my favourite type of aeroplane …?

One apparent chaos, big changes in Arma Hobby make many of you do not know where our company is going. You fill us with ideas. Thank you for all the suggested new models, often very well documented. Unfortunately, we can not comment on them in any way. We do not want to give grounds for inquiries and gossips, which are always followed by misguided hopes and misunderstandings.

We can only assure you that we are quite familiar with the history of Polish aviation, Polish aviation technical. We have around 20 most important shortlisted designs to be released in the coming years, and over 50 of which we are interested. That creates a huge deal! The next models we will show will show how we treat Polish Aviation in general and its history.

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