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Modelers from Koszalin Model Platoon have built test shots of TS-11 Iskra 1/72 model kit. Marcin Wawrzynkowski built Camouflaged Iskra No 1913, Wojciech Sokołowski – shark mouth No 2003 aluminum painted. See photos of built kits and read experts opinion on fist plastic kit from Arma Hobby!

Plastic kit of  Iskra from Arma Hobby – modelers view

TS11Iskra_009 TS11Iskra_018

„Construction of kit came to an end. Kit bilt from test shots, although this is not final version, presents a very high quality. Of course I found a few things that I think need to be corrected, about which I have informed the manufacturer. The fact is a fact that soon into the hands of modelers will set really high-end, thanks to which it will be possible to build truly faithful replica of sparks and without excessive effort.”

Marcin Wawrzynkowski
See more pictures and Polish text on KPM website
100_0310 100_0314

„The Iskra test gave me a lot of joy, and I hope that a serial product will please many a modeller and will make a perfect replica Polish jet.”
Wojciech Sokołowski
See article and photos on KPM website

Model built with photoetched parts but without painting was presented in Piotr Dmitruk article
See TS-11 Iskra 1/72& 1/48 models and accessories in Arma Hobby


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