We offer as many as 7 camouflage and marking schemes in the double 1/72 Hurricane Mk IIa/b/c Eastern Front Deluxe Set. Almost 8, to be precise.

This cool set includes double plastic sprues of 1/72 Hurricane Mk IIb/c, a double set of 3D prints with conversion to Soviet weapons and other accessories, and a large sheet of decals we haven’t had before. Eastern Front!


About 3,000 Hurricanes of various versions were donated by Great Britain to the USSR, most of them came in convoys, some through Iran. It was an important help in difficult years for the USSR. The first to appear there were in British colours – as part of Operation Benedict. The No. 151 RAF Wing defended the port in Murmansk, operating from the muddy and later snow-covered airfield in Vaenga.

British Hurricanes of the No. 151 RAF Wing on the Vaenga airfield. They were defending Murmansk harbor to which US and British convoys with aid for USSR were heading

Later, Hurricanes on the Eastern Front flew with red stars. In 1942 they were no longer equal opponents to Messerschmitts F and G and Focke-Wulfs, but they were solid and had good radios, and cannon-armed versions were effective against German bombers. That is why the Soviets upgraded the earlier versions with 20 mm and 12.7 mm NKM guns. You will find the parts for such a conversion in the 3D print kit in this kit! Soviet Hurricanes were truly universal: they flew in army, naval and guard units, as well as in air defence and ground-attack aviation (often armed with rockets and bombs) – on all sections of the Eastern Front, from the Arctic to the Caucasus.

Soviet Hurricane Mk II with USSR modified armament: ShVAK cannons, UB machine guns and RS-82 rocket missiles

Option: rocket missiles for self-printing

For all modelers who have the possibility of 3D printing in photosensitive resin, we have an additional offer: a file with RS-82 rockets for self-printing, which can be purchased at the Armahobby.pl store for a very good price! Such missiles were often suspended under the wings of Soviet Hurricanes (but also many other types of aircraft)!


See more about S-82 rocket missiles for self-printing at the Armahobby.com website!

Kit camouflages and markings

Hurricane Mk IIb, BM959/60. Karelian Front Air Force, 609th Fighter Aviation Regiment, USSR, April 1942

Hurricane Mk IIa, Z2585/42. Karelian Front Air Force, 152nd Fighter Aviation Regiment, USSR, February 1942

Hurricane Mk IIc, KX452/64. Northern Fleet Air Force, 78th Fighter Aviation Regiment, USSR, March 1943


Hurricane Mk IIb, Z5548/48. Soviet Air Force. Unit unknown, probably 26th Fighter Aviation Regiment. USSR, Winter 1941/1942


Hurricane Mk IIb, Z4017/FU-56. 81 Squadron RAF, Flight B. Operation „Benedict”. Pilot P/O Richard Edward Bush. Vaenga, USSR, October 1941


Hurricane Mk IIb, Baltic Fleet Air Force, 3rd Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment. Pilot: Cpt. G. D. Kostyliev, Sinyavino, USSR, Autumn 1942

Hurricane Mk IIb, Z5236/GO-31. 134 Squadron RAF. Operation „Benedict”. Vaenga, USSR, October 1941

Finnish bonus!

For lovers of Finnish aviation, we have added serials for the only Finnish Hurricane Mk II HC-465 to our decal! This is quite an unusual plane, “Frankenstein”, captured Soviet plane overhauled using parts from two other planes. It was used until June 1944. There was not enough space for Finnish hakaristi, but decals with them are easily available on the market. We will soon publish detailed information about this aircraft and its camouflage and markings.

The Hurricane Mk IIa/b/c 1/72 Eastern Front Deluxe Set 70045 model kit is currently available for promotional pre-order at a very good price separately and in promotional bundles with other planes from the Eastern Front. The bigger the bundle, the bigger the discount!

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