Krzysztof Kowalik has sent us photos of his splendid Airacobra in N version, which could have already been admired on the PWM.ORG.PL forum, where Krzysztof had reported on the construction.

At the 14th Jaworzno 2023 Model Festival, this model was awarded an honourable commendation. We think it’s fully deserved and congratulate!!!

Krzysztof wrote us:

What prompted me to buy the kit and start the work-in-progress was a report from one of the forum users. The kit actually comes together great. In my model, I added brake lines, underbelly tank supports, wiring on the radio behind the cockpit (radio actually is not visible on the photo of the original plane), filled some little inspection panel, made some new one, and riveted the whole thing. Model painted with Vallejo Air. I always wanted to have on my shelf an Airacobra in Russian markings, one with repainted stars. I managed to get such decals quite by accident. The model was so cool that probably another one will appear over time, this time with white stars.

Kobra w tydzień

P-39N Airacobra – Malowanie i oznakowanie

FM-2 Wildcat – Galeria – Krzysztof Kowalik

P-39Q Airacobra – David Damek PLASMO – Galeria Wideo



Krzysiek Kowalik’s work-in-progress of this model you can see (in Polish) on the forum PWM.ORG.PL.

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