Just like you, we can’t wait to start shipping the 1/48 Hurricane Mk IIc model kit. We admit it’s a bit annoying.

We explain what is happening: the model kit is ready. It is so good that it met our expectations at least in 100% (or maybe even more?). Already the test sprues allowed for the assembly of the model, which we showed to everyone at the Warsaw Modelling Festival BABARYBA. All liked it very much.

Hurricane IIC w skali 1/48 – recenzja iModeler.com

After minor technological corrections and the final acceptance of the test moulds, serial production began. The tooling workshop (cooperating Polish factory, under our supervision creating moulds designed by us and mass-producing final sprues) has already produced almost all sprues, they have already reached the company’s warehouse – except for one containing parts for the aircraft interior. The reason for the delay is the malfunction of the injection moulding machine, which has already been repaired. The mould for this sprue is ready, but the stock has not yet been produced.

In the photo we can see the model’s cockpit interior made using the latter sprue (with the addition of a 3D-printed resin seat), for which we are still waiting for mass production. It looks really good!

All sprues except one have already been produced and are waiting for the final completion of the kits, as well as instructions, decals, masks, boxes and – 3D-printed resin details. We already have all this at the Arma Hobby headquarters. The tooling workshop assures that it will start delivering boxes with the last sprue on Monday and we will be able to pack it all and start shipping. To speed up the process, we hired 4 more people for the shipping department. We hope that the first packages will go to the modellers on Tuesday.

Hurricane Mk IIc w skali 1/48 – instrukcja modelu

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