Marcin Matejko is known in the modelling community for his top-class models in 1/32 scale, built from scratch or heavily modified kits. This time, as part of the group project of IPMS Świdnica club, he decided to leave his comfort zone and build the Ki-84 Arma Hobby model in 1/72 scale. The result still looks like 1/32…

Marcin wrote:

This is my interpretation of the Arma Hobby Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate “Expert set” (70051) kit in an unusual livery of an aircraft captured by US troops in the Philippines in 1945 and tested by the US. Tech Air Intel.

I was motivated to build this model by my colleagues from the IPMS Świdnica Club, because Hayate is our next group-build project. Ultimately, a small collection of models of this aircraft is to be created in the Club. And although I very rarely build models in 1/72 scale, I agreed because I wanted to see what working with such a modern model kit looks like. Unfortunately, it was hard for me to start the construction due to lack of time, and the deadline was approaching very quickly, so the model suffered a bit from the quality of workmanship due to my rush. [Editor’s note: as you can see, Marcin is a uncurable perfectionist…]

As for the kit itself, I must honestly admit that I have never built such a good model before. All the elements fit perfectly and basically, I only made a small adjustment in the area of ​​the engine covers, which did not want to close evenly on the engine. The model kit is very well thought out and refined, but not easy to build. Some difficulty for me was cutting the details from the sprues, because the number of injection channels connecting the details with the sprues is very large and some of them have a considerable thickness. However, this is probably just my subjective opinion because most often I build models in 1/32 scale and everything is bigger there and it’s easier to separate the details from the frames.

Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate Expert Set – Recenzje Online

Building my model, I improved it a bit, adding Yahu instrument panel and Eduard resin exhausts and wheels. But I also used most of the additional elements from the “Expert” version. I especially liked the photo-etched ignition wiring, which perfectly enriched the engine. I also made a few improvements to the model myself, including: thinning the wing trailing edges, the landing gear covers and propeller blades, positioning the control surfaces, adding imitations of various installations inside the cockpit and in the landing gear wells, and making the pilot’s seat more plastic by thinning its walls and drilling relief holes. On the surface of the model, I also made imitations of oil canning effect and riveting, because I wanted to experiment a bit with these new modelling techniques.

I painted the model with Mr.Hobby series C and Alclad paints. I took the decals from other kits and partly made them myself. I can recommend the Arma Hobby Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate kit to every fan of modeling art, he will surely be satisfied with the quality of this product.

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