Today we present our novelty – the results of the first experiments with fine 3D prints, which improve plastic models with parts of a quality impossible to obtain with traditional injection technology.

Our strength is the highest quality 3D designs, prepared by experienced designers who are also modellers. We know what aircraft model kits should look like and we know how to design them, but sometimes, like all model manufacturers, we face technological limitations: not every shape can be satisfactorily reproduced in injection moulding. This problem is solved in various ways: by simplifying or thickening a plastic part, or by replacing it with an element made in a different way, most often the resin cast or photo-etched brass, sometimes turned metal. We have tested these solutions, in many cases they are sufficient, but sometimes you would like even more.

That’s why we decided to try out 3D printing technology. To start with, our chief designer, Marcin Ciepierski, created sets of details for two model kits: Hurricane Mk.I and Yak 1b. There are parts with hollow ends, such as exhaust pipes, and fine details that in injected plastic give insufficient quality (belts, mirrors, control stick, undercarriage scissors, grilles).

The pictures show the 3D design renderings and actual 3D prints primed with the Citadel Chaos Black from the spray can.

The parts printed of UV-curing resin in sets attached to the bases are made to fit specific model kits. They require careful separation from the base, gentle cleaning of any traces of supports, priming, painting and attaching to the model.


Free 3D Printed Details with the Hurricane Mk.I and Yak 1b Limited Edition kits!

This is our first attempt with 3D printing. We are still learning this technology. We want to know your opinion about these details – that’s why we decided to give them free of charge to everyone who will buy Hurricane Mk.I and Yak 1b kits in the Limited Edition sets in our store by the end of July.

Important! We only offer these 3D sets until the end of July and these accessories will not be available as a separate product. We plan to add them to the Deluxe Set models in the future.

Find Hurricane Mk.I and Jak 1b kits with 3D Printed Details in the shop!

Try these sets and share your impressions of using them!

What do you think about such accessories? Are they attractive to a modeller? Do they significantly improve the appearance of the model? Have we selected the right elements? Can they replace, for example, photo-etched details or resin castings? Please leave your comments under this blog post or under the Facebook post.

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