Today we start shipping the pre-ordered Hayate model kits! The set consists of grey sprues with plastic parts, a sprue with transparent canopy, a decal sheet, photo-etched fret, a kabuki paper mask for the canopy and wheels, and of course, instructions. Let’s see how it looks!

The decal sheet includes markings for six different aeroplanes and a double set of stencils and cockpit details (control panel, seatbelts, etc.). This allows you to build two complete models using the plastic sprues (“overtrees”) sold in the deal packages.

The masks for painting the canopy and wheels are made of fine Japanese “kabuki” paper.

Transparent canopy parts are designed to be made in open or closed positions.

Kalkomanie i Akcesoria do Modelu Ki-84 Hayate

Ki-84 Hayate Expert Set – Instrukcja Modelu

Model Ki-84 – omówienie detali

Ki-84 Hayate – pierwsze próbne ramki

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